Top Stag Do Challenges

Man in a bar asking a lady "Let's swap underwear".

Not to be confused with pranks and games, stag do challenges is a whole new ball game.

Stag Do Challenges consist of the stag (groom-to-be) being set a number of tasks over his stag weekend or night which he must complete, if he doesn't there's a forfeit which is usually drinking his own weight in wine or something, but that's up to your group.

Below I have put together a do-able list of 27 stag do challenges, you can pick the best ones or try and get him to do them all (on occasions, we will add to this list).

    Tin of snails to eat
  1. All at the same time, the stag must purchase a porn magazine, hand cream and some tissues - this must be done without an explanation and without a smirk on his face. (I have a friend who bought a tub of vaseline for his chapped lips and a cucumber for his mum, totally unaware of what his 2 shopping items looked like travelling down the conveyor belt to the check out!).
  2. Get a kiss from a MILF who must be clearly over the age of 50.
  3. Beat a total stranger in a 15 press ups competition.
  4. Kiss a bride-to-be who's celebrating her hen party.
  5. The stag must speak for an entire hour in a accent he's good at, must be convincing to total strangers.
  6. Eat at least 25 Escargots (French snails, can be purchased in tins from Waitrose).
  7. He must get a bra from a total stranger and wear it.
  8. Put his sock over his pint glass and drink a whole pint (through his sock, obviously).
  9. Get a kiss from a WPC
    Barman with a cocktail balancing on his arm
  10. Go over to a hen party shout I am your surprise stripper and strip down to his boxers before doing a bunk.
  11. Get 25 women to sign his shirt before the end of the night.
  12. He must sign up to giving at least £2 a month to Cancer Research via his smart phone.
  13. Go to a busy men's toilet and get the stag to go to the urinals and drop both his trousers and his boxers like a 5 year old and have a pee, photographic evidence required.
  14. Answer his mobile on a crowded bus / train like Dom Jolly.
  15. Sing "you are always on my mind" the whole version to an unsuspecting victim.
  16. He has to convince a total stranger that he's gay.
  17. Get a free drink from the barman
  18. Go for a toilet in the ladies
  19. Stand up in a packed pub and shout "I love my Mummy".
  20. Swap underwear with a bride-to-be.
  21. Go into a chemists and in a loud voice; 'do you have a cure for a reoccurring to crab problem'.
    Man drinking from a shoe
  22. Make him wear a toilet paper tail coming out from the top of trousers down to the back of his knees every time he comes out of the toilet. 
  23. Give a girl a foot job - (suck her big toe).
  24. Take on a security guard in an arm wrestling competition.
  25. Get the stag to drink Baileys out of his shoe.
  26. He has to Eat a whole onion.
  27. The stag must bounce 5 ping pong balls into a pint glass inside a minute before he can eat.
OK, so you have your stag do challenges sorted, just make sure you have fun and be aware that some people may not be so enthusiastic about your challenges as your stag party are, so give them the big swerve.

Oh yes, and make sure the stag enjoys it.

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