Rough Guide to a Stag Do in Nottingham

If a Nottingham stag do excites you then this post "Rough Guide to a Stag Do in Nottingham" is going to knock your socks off, if Nottingham doesn't excite you, read on, I am pretty sure I can persuade you.

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First of all I have been visiting Nottingham on and off for over a decade now and to-date, I have seen the biggest transformation on this trip (I am still actually here, writing my blog from The Park Plaza bedroom, Park Plaza is one of the hotels DesignaVenture deal with, and by the way, is this the longest sentence inside brackets you have ever read?).

I cannot believe how clean the streets look, how many bars and restaurants there are and how cosmopolitan the city looks with the new Tram.

Also, one thing Nottingham is really proud of is becoming a Purple Flag owner, which basically means when you're appreciating the fantastic nightlife Nottingham has to offer, you will be able to enjoy your night-out in a safe environment, pretty cool huh?

So a bar for everyone, a club for most tastes, more restaurants then you can shake a stick at (I have never understood that saying) and currently only one lap dancing club, you can't have it all.

Then there's the bar breathers, in other words the daytime activities, Nottingham has been a hot spot for stag dos as far as I can remember, so there are daytime stag activities a plenty.

From white water rafting (man-made) to Rage Buggies, paintball to clay pigeon shooting, indoor karts to quad biking again there are more stag activities then you can shake a stick at (still none the wiser on that saying).

Staying in Nottingham is also not a problem, there are more stag friendly city centre hotel then you can shake....

From deluxe 4 star properties to standard hotels suiting the lower budgets, I am pretty confident Nottingham can offer you a stag do whatever your requirements are (unless your requirements are; 'it must be in Budapest').

Nottingham is an extremely popular stag do destination, the bars, clubs and locals rather then complain about the weekend traffic have actually embraced stag and hen weekends in a big and positive way, making it in my book one of the most stag do friendliest cities in the world (said in a Jeremy Clarkson voice).


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