Twin Centre Stag Do Ideas

Berlin to Amsterdam - connect by flights

Going on a stag do is all about exploring new destinations and a great way to make a decent adventure out of your weekend is to visit two destinations on the same stag do.

Whether you're going on a stag do abroad or in the UK there are plenty of destinations you can twin up on your stag do.

Back of a Lady holding up a surf board on Newquay beach
On my stag do we did Bristol and Newquay, visiting Bristol on the Thursday and then travelling to Newquay on the Friday for 2 nights of pure pleasure, two very different but brilliant experiences.

Enough about me, there are other top stag destinations in the UK you can do this in, such as:

  • Cardiff and Bristol 
  • Newcastle and Edinburgh
  • Bournemouth and Brighton
  • Reading and Birmingham
  • Manchester and Liverpool
  • Chester and North Wales

Your first night should be a destination on the way down to your main destination, breaking up the journey and having a night out before the big stag weekend starts.

You may find only half the group can commit to it, but hey you could make it exclusive to your close mates?

Over on the Continent is totally different you will possibly need to fly from destination to destination.

Amsterdam is one hell of a stag destination so why not combine it with another fantastic European destination such as Berlin, Prague, Barcelona or Riga. The reason why you should include Amsterdam is:

  1. In my mind, it's the best stag destination closest to the UK
  2. KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) fly everywhere
  3. Finishing off a stag do in Amsterdam, how cool is that!

Alternatively you can fly into one European destination and then fly out of another, train or bus it between destinations, such as:
Stag Do Boarding an Easyjet flight
  • In to Prague out of Bratislava (3½ hours by road between cities, quicker by train)
  • In to Budapest out of Bratislava (Only 2½ hours by road between cities)
  • In to Dusseldorf out of Amsterdam (Only 2½ hours by road, quicker by train between cities)

In this day and age transport connections between big cities has never been so regular or quick, so make the most of it, that should be your stag do slogan, MAKE THE MOST OF IT.

Also, Easyjet or Ryanair allow you to book one way tickets at no extra cost, it couldn't be easier!

If you do need help arranging your twin centre stag do give DesignaVenture a call on 01432 830880, we have lots of advice, connections in the right places and can help you with all your logistics.


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