How To Plan A Stag Do

Stressed Stag planning a stag do - needs help
How to plan a stag do, this is a totally unbiased post without a single mention of DesignaVenture, the professional stag do company with a current score of 96% on trust pilot.

Right, let's get started:

"We need beer, music, we need dancing and we need naked ladies, right?"

Really, is that all you need? Actually there is more to booking a stag do then what's perceived, hence why we have put together a 'How to plan a stag do'.

Whether you book it through a stag weekend company like DesignaVenture or go it alone you will still need to know the basics of; how, when, where and what.

Follow these easy steps for how, where and what:
  1. Sit down and chat with the stag and find out what he wants to do and where he wants to go
  2. Whilst you have the stag's attention get all the contact details (mobile and email addresses) of all his mates he wants to invite
  3. When you have a good idea of what he wants to do and where he wants go, make the decision; should you book it alone or go through a stag company (booking through a company go to step 6)
  4. Going it alone; every time you book accommodation, activities or into a venue, make sure you two important things: ask for the name of the person you booked it with and get written confirmation.
  5. Make sure logistically your itinerary is achievable, check train times, activity times, where the activities are (you might need transport laid on), how long it's going to take you to get to each venue etc. Also make sure you are not running around like headless chickens.
  6. Booking through a stag do company; before booking, check the company's reviews, make sure they understand your request and most importantly make sure you check your itinerary and that it's everything you have asked for.
When should you go on your stag do? 

Usually most stag dos are booked a month before the wedding, but this is going to be dependant on a number of things:
  1. When the hen party is, will you go on the same weekend or if they have children, you may need a different weekend
  2. When the most important guests can make it (ushers, the stag's best mates, family, the stag!)
  3. The stag's chosen destination, is it a busy weekend? If he has chosen Chester, hotels are a nightmare when there's horse racing at the Chester Racecourse, Bristol has a balloon festival in August, Edinburgh has a comedy festival and Tattoo in August, Bournemouth has party political conferences, Cardiff has massive rugby matches at the Millennium Stadium etc.
  4. Booking the stag night the night before the wedding is now frowned upon, so don't do it.
Last but not least make sure you include the stag when booking your group in, you will shocked at how many best men forget!

Once everything is booked make sure you send as much information to the guys as possible, this will take the emphasis off of you whilst on the stag do and you won't have to mother them so much!


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