Stag Do European Destination Ideas

The stag has decided he wants to shrug off the shackles of the UK and head for a city beyond blighty and who could blame him, but hang on, you need some stag do abroad ideas pronto, well as luck would have it, here are some stag do European destination ideas:

Whether it's heading for a cheap beer or a place in the sun, Europe is the UK's stag do destination of choice.

Bratislava has been proven to be the cheapest place in the world to have a stag do, see our recent news item for details and prices.

Buy a pint in Bratislava and it will cost you around £1.04! Stags obviously drink a lot of beer, so if beer is going to be your biggest expenditure then Bratislava is definitely the place to party. But it's not all about the cheap brown booze, the city itself is amazing; great nightlife, friendly locals and more stag activities then you can wave a stick at.

Next door to the Slovak Republic (Bratislava is the capital of the Slovak Republic, more details can be found here) you have the Czech Republic and it's capital city of Prague. There are places in Prague where you can buy a beer for 87p however, most places in the centre of Prague are more expensive, although not as expensive as they are back here in the UK.

Prague is wild at night, bars will put hairs on your chest, clubs will keep you up all night and the atmosphere is so electric you can charge your phone on it.

Budapest's average price for a pint of beer is £1.01, that's even better than Bratislava! These old Eastern Block countries sure know how to party, making Budapest a great stag do destination.

Also don't forget about Riga and Tallinn, both incredible city breaks for a stag do with cheap beer and cracking nightlife. Riga has some pretty cool stag activities including Bob-sleighing and Snow mobile adventures.

If your stag has requested warm weather, you cannot go wrong with the Med, it's close enough for a short trip and if you are lucky enough to go for longer than a couple of nights, the bars and clubs are busy all week long, not just on weekends.

Magaluf (Majorca), San Antonio (Ibiza), Albufeira (The Algarve, Portugal) and Marbella (Costa Del Sol) are all within a couple of hours away and once you are past April the sun shines all the way through to October.

Expect great beaches, wild nightlife and in the height of the summer, high prices, so book early.

Other cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Benidorm are also great places to go on your stag do, you get the weather, the beaches and great nightlife, what else do you need, jam on it?

From the UK you can get to this destination by sea, air, train and coach, this famous stag destination has been welcoming stags since the 60's, where is it.... AMSTERDAM.

Me and my friends over the years must have visited The Dam over 5 times, and on each occasion the weekend was simply amazing, and each one of the mentioned transports I have gone to Amsterdam on!

What we loved about Amsterdam is it's the freest city in the world, we loved the atmosphere, the culture, you can walk around the streets without getting run over, you can hire bikes, go on a beer bike, take a barge bar tour, there is simply loads to do.

For a fantastic list on our abroad stag destinations which includes activities and packages go here.


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