Top End Stag Do Ideas

So you have a bit of money to spend on a stag do and you're not looking for a "Kiss Me Quick" stag do in Blackpool (very 80's), it's a good look.

I have compiled some top end stag do ideas for the stag party that has some money to spend.

By the way, I'm not going as far as 10 nights on Necker Island or a week on the Space Station, just activities and ideas that you can actually book.

Let's start with Milton Keynes. not your usual top-end stag do destination however when you're racing Stock Cars around an oval track at top speed who cares where you are!

I do love Milton Keynes, I am not disrespecting the big MK, honest.

Book either an exclusive event for your group or join an open event, these racing machines are amazing to drive and the whole event will turn an ordinary stag do into an incredible one.

You want Barcelona, but you're sick of going cattle class, then book yourself a private jet!

It's going to put you back between £2,500 and £3,500 depending on when you go, where you stay and exactly how lavish you want your stag do. We booked (DesignaVenture) a similar stag do to Prague last year; private jet, limo from the airport etc and the the 7 man stag do paid just over £3k per person.

If you prefer the sea to the skies, grab a yacht and head out onto the Ocean, with a qualified skipper and a boat full of booze (responsible drinking, we don't want to hear "Man Overboard"), head to the Isle of Wight from Southampton.

Prince William did a similar stag do a couple of years ago, so you'll be in good company.

If sailing the open seas, makes you weak at the knees then stay on firm ground and book a lavish Manor House.

Create a weekend of dining like kings and get caterers in, enjoy croquet on the lawn, play pool and drink whisky until the cows start mooing.

I am sure someone will have a couple of decks and as your nearest neighbours are a ten minute drive away, turn up the base and kick back, to me this is a fantastic stag do!

Ibiza is where the celebrities well, celebrate, so book your flights to the beautiful white island.

A Villa with pool near San Antonio is the accommodation of choice and a visit to Pacha or Space should be on your itinerary. In July and August Ibiza is extremely busy and very expensive so booking early is a must.

There are loads of top end stag do ideas, I could literally go on for days, if you have a wish list or a fantastic 'top-end stag do idea', enter it below in the comments box and trump mine.


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