Stag Do T-Shirt Ideas

It's no surprise that stag do t-shirts are big business, in fact it's HUGE!

These days, most stag dos go away with a t-shirt packed, it becomes their travelling uniform whether it's on a plane or going to the activities or even going out at night, to some stag parties the stag do t-shirt is an essential item of clothing.

The stag do t-shirt also acts as a momento / souvenir for the stag do and usually must consist of the following 3 items of written information:

  1. Where 
  2. When
  3. Name of the stag

So with that in mind here are some great ideas on what type of t-shirts you could go for:

The Photo T-Shirt
Using an embarrassing image of the stag, make sure it's blown up and printed onto everyone's t-shirt, better still get a picture of his bride-to-be and do the same.

Go one step further and get a picture of an ex girlfriend or better still, a picture of his mother-in-law, the possibilities are endless!

The T-shirt with the Slogan
The slogan is meant to amuse and sometimes shock, this slogan can sometimes includes the stag's name, so to help me out with this section, let's call the stag "Dave", here are a few slogan ideas:

I'm A Beautician Not A Magician Sex & Drugs And Sausage Rolls On It Till We Vomit
Dave's Wolfpack
Dave Mate, Its Game Over Mate
I'm Looking Forward To Regretting This
Next Stop, Nappy Central
The Good, The Stag And The Ugly

There are loads of slogans to choose from, be original and create a slogan which is totally unique to the stag or his bride-to-be.

The Logo T-Shirt
This involves taking a famous logo and personalising it with the stag's name or making it humorous, for example, Star Wars becomes Stag Wars, Top Gear becomes Top Stag, Lord Of the Rings becomes Slave of the Rings - I think you get the picture.

The Number T-Shirt
A Hierarchy of stag do members, with the stag being number 1 and best man number 2 and so on. The number is usually on the back like a football top with the name or nickname of the wearer above the number.

The Dare T-Shirt
This involves a list of dares with a tick box which can be ticked off as and when these dares have been completed. These dares can include; Serenade someone your don't know, Drink 3 Shots, Blow Kisses To Strangers etc.

If you have any ideas on stag t-shirts or you have seen some crackers that have made you laugh out loud please let us know via the comments box below and we will add them to our list.

To be continued....


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