Top 10 Stag Do Ideas That'll Need A Towel

The UK is about to heat up like a Pizza Oven and there is no better way to keep the boys cool on a stag do then to get them wet, whether it's water, foam or whipped cream you will never regret bringing that towel from home.

I have put together a Top10 of stag do ideas for groups looking to a soaking, with a curve ball which really shouldn't be there but couldn't resist it!

It's a knockout Inflatable Challenge with foam and water
At Number 10 - It's a Knockout

Now available in most popular stag do destinations including Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and London, It's a knockout is a mixture of crazy games that involve massive fancy dress costumes, huge inflatables and enough foam to even keep Timmy Mallot happy.

A stag party on a banana boat
9 - Banana Boat Ride

This activity is so much fun you will pee your pants, literally! Guaranteed to give your group a proper soaking, no one ever gets to stay on, whether you're on a stag do in the Balearics or the UK, this is a great activity for the whole group.

Boats Made Out Of Cardboard ON The Lake IN Reading with people in them
8 - Cardboard Boat Challenge

We actually combine this activity with the Banana Boat Ride in Reading. The aim with your stag group is to build a boat out of cardboard and sail your vessel across the lake. If you have done it right you may get slightly wet, if you've cocked up with your design prepare to get wet.

West Country Games Farmer's Shower
7 - Welsh Games / West Country Games

Situated in Bristol and Cardiff (I am sure you can work out which one is which) you will not only have a host of various tongue in cheek activities with some activities actually testing your metal, you will also get soaked on a few with some dubious liquids, for example the Farmers Shower!

2 Jet Skis on the Sea
6 - Jet Ski-ing

Mix together speed, water, petrol and waves and you have yourself an awesome activity. This is a serious watersport activity perfect for the stag group looking for high octane fun.

2 Power Boats Racing
5 - Power-Boating

Now we're talking, speed, adrenalin and a machine that will rip through the water. If you want to look like James Bond, nows your time, Dinner Jacket and Bow Tie is not a great idea unless you don't mind getting soaked by the spray.

Sign For Sex Show
4 - Live Sex Shows - Amsterdam

This is my curve ball, send the stag onto the stage and he will need a towel after! It would appear that Minions are not the only things that like bananas.

3 Men sitting on 3 separate Canadian Canoes
3 - Canoeing / Camping Down The River

This year at the DesignaVenture Towers there has been a massive buzz around our Canoeing and Camping Weekends down the River Wye. This stag weekend is so relaxing you'll be horizontal by the time you go home. You'll camp next door to a pub and canoe both days, stopping at pubs on the way down for a good meal and a couple of pints of ale.

A Man Jumping Off a Cliff whilst Coasteering
2 - Coasteering / Canyoing

These awesome activities are a great leveller for the whole stag party. Jumping off cliff edges into deep pools whether you're on the coast or at a gorge, high adrenalin full of slides, jumps and climbs is guaranteed.

Raft Splashing Through White Water
1 - White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting tops our list as the best stag activity you will need to bring a towel to. There are destinations all over the world that offer this activity from Vegas to Bratislava, in the UK we have natural rafting sites in the Highlands of Scotland and North Wales, in Cardiff and Nottingham you can raft at man-made sites near the city centres.


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