Ideas For A Winter Stag Do

Lady Dressed For Winter in a Santa Outfit!
Currently we are having a very nice end to September and maybe a warm start to October, but let's not kid ourselves people, winter will be on us like a randy dog finding a kennel full of bitches, pre op!

Wether it's a Christmas wedding, a Valentine's day wedding or just a winter wedding; winter is a fantastic time to have a stag do, for a start it's usually cheaper and muddier, what more do you want, jam on it?


The UK is a fantastic choice, that's why it's called Great Britain (I'm more cheesy than than a packet of Wotsits).

If you are feeling really brave and want to beast the lads book Canyoning or White Water Rafting, honestly this will be memorable, we have some incredible stag do packages in North Wales with these activities in.

If you prefer a more indoor affair, the UK has some incredible facilities and activities. From indoor karting and Bubble Football for the active groups, cider and whisky tasting for the groups looking to keep warm and drunk!

If you are looking for a bargain, winter time is the best time to get cheap accommodation in the seaside resorts which are packed in the summer such as; Bournemouth or Newquay.

Bournemouth will be a lot busier then Newquay, and has some incredible activities, we have a fantastic package packed full of activities and is £55 cheaper then the summer price!

Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Chester, Nottingham and even Reading are all incredible stag destinations that will be busy in the winter months.


Tackle winter and head on and fly to the Baltics, currently Riga is the stag destination of choice, where you will find cheap hotels, activities and incredible nightlife and in the winter the prices are so low!

Above all that you have some fantastic winter stag activities which embraces the weather like groomsmen embrace a free bar at a wedding.

Snow Mobiles Racing
Try out the Snowmobiles they are incredibly fast and are loads of fun to drive, alternatively if you want the speed but don't want to do much except for holding on for dear life then you MUST have a go at the Bobsleighing.

Bobsleighing in Riga will see you racing down an Olympic standard track like a torpedo, not once but twice, in the summer months you can still Bobsleigh however you will have wheels rather than blades on ice which is standard for the winter months.

If you want to get away from the cold and heat up your bones the nearest places with almost guaranteed sunshine is the Canary Islands such as: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote etc.

Cyprus can be warm however, rains a lot in January and February especially in Paphos and can be quiet in Ayia Napa.

However there is always Las Vegas, guaranteed sunshine, all night parties, all day pool parties and possibly the best stag do you will never remember.


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