Festival and Event Ideas For Your 2016 Stag Do

Stag Group at Royal Ascot
2016 is railroading towards us and there is nothing we can do, unless we have a DeLorean and a crazy scientist called Doc we are basically screwed, so best get organised then!

If you have a stag do to organise and you are thinking about including a festival or an event to proceedings get yourself sorted as tickets go fast.

I have put together some top festivals and events for you to consider.

Say the stag loves Formula 1, music or even has a fetish for tomatoes there should be a festival or event that suits.

Let's get started, with an event where you'll need to dress up as you're about to meet the Queen, yes it's Royal Ascot.

At DesignaVenture we have sold loads of Royal Ascot Horse Racing weekends to stag parties, it's such a fantastic weekend and Royal Ascot is famous all over the world. It's an event the stag will remember for the rest of his life, and that's the whole point of a stag weekend right?

If the stag loves speed (we're not talking about the 90's enhancer here) then you need to take him on a  Formula 1 weekend.

Now forget the UK, as it's far too expensive, head over to Barcelona or Budapest. Would you believe with flights, hotel, transfers and full weekend passes it can work out to be cheaper than if you actually go to the British Grand Prix?

Seriously, if your stag has a fetish for tomatoes or just loves to get mucky with loads of Spanish people, then head over to the tomato festival in Spain, we have written about this amazing festival on the blog, it's incredible!

3 girls drinking Steins at Oktoberfest
Love Beer? What am I talking about, of course you love beer, well there is no better place to hold your beer loving stag do than in Munich in October.

It's called Oktoberfest where 1.8 million gallons of beer is drunk, 1.8 million gallons and that's just one stag party from Belfast, b-boom!

Did you know Paris Hilton has been banned from Oktoberfest?

It's true Google it!

Kings Day in Amsterdam is another festival which people go mad for, all the Dutch dress up in bright Orange (it's more orange then the set of The Only Way is Essex) and celebrate their monarchy with dance parties galore, such a fantastic atmosphere!

Dizzy picture of Glastonbury
Glastonbury is the world's biggest music festival, I am sorry to say that all the tickets for 2016 have now sold out, so you have to be quick, or spend a lot of money on eBay!

If your stag is a budding artist then head over to the Nevada desert in the USA for the Burning Man festival where radical self expression is celebrated amongst 9 other principals. "Sounds a bit serious to me", don't worry you can get a beer and there is a massive dance area called Deep Playa Music Zone where top DJ's stick on their vinyl.


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