Why On Earth Should We Stag In Tenerife?

Stag Party at Sunset in Tenerife
First and foremost, Tenerife is an awesome stag do destination with extremely lively nightlife and fantastic weather all year round.

Where on Earth is Tenerife?

To be precise, Tenerife is; 28.2686° N, 16.6056° W - I think that's a bit too precise Sorry. 

It's just off the coast of North Africa, west of Morocco's most southernly tip and in line with the Western Sahara desert, got it?

So that's why it can boast 365 days of sunshine, roughly around 80° F for most days of the year.

As Tenerife is an island (the largest and busiest of the Canary Islands) as your on a stag do you'll need to know where to party.

Playa De Las Americas or Las Americas is the liveliest resort with 100's of bars and clubs, a sandy beach and an atmosphere at night so cool, you could brush your teeth with it!

Veronicas By Night Playa De Las Americas

The famous Veronicas Strip is a no nonsense, get your head down and party area of Las Americas and it pretends to be nothing else. You will find plenty of bars and clubs to keep even the liveliest of stag groups happy and when you need to eat the 24 hour takeaways and restaurants will be happy to help you soak up all that 2 for 1 alcohol. 

The last time I went to Las Americas there were lots of special offers in most of the bars and clubs such as 2-4-1 drinks, free shots, free entry etc.

If you fancy somewhere a little more sophisticated you can head for Los Christianos which is about a 20 minute stroll from Las Americas via a pedestrian promenade. 

In Los Christianos you will find plenty of great restaurants, good bars a couple of clubs and a more sedate atmosphere to Las Americas.

A few things to consider

  • Tenerife has 2 airports, for Playa De Las Americas and Los Christianos you'll need Tenerife South Airport which is called Reina Sofia Airport
  • Don't go to the North of the Island if you want sunshine and a lively night out, the North is usually cloudy especially in the winter months and quiet
  • Most low cost airlines fly into Tenerife South from the UK
  • Daily Average temperature is 26.6°C
  • As Tenerife is owned by Spain, Euros is the currency you'll need

Mount Teide Tenerife with snow on top
Worth a visit

I know you're on a stag do, but if you fancy getting away from the bars for the day Tenerife has the third highest Volcano in the world and the highest elevation in Spain, Mount Teidi (pronounced bang Tidy). There are plenty of day trips up there and in the winter months it usually has snow on top, so don't forget your winter clothing.  

As Mount Teidi is a Volcano, last erupted in 1909, the moon-like terrain is a great place for selfies and stag photos.

Tenerife is a brand new stag destination for DesignaVenture and we have lots of packages which can be found here.

So if you need somewhere warm and lively, particularly in the winter months, Tenerife is the stag destination of choice.


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