5 Tips on Creating The Best Stag Do, Ever!

This time of year best men are all over the country are trying to create a stag do that the groom-to-be will absolutely love.

Right now the best man will be possibly sweating and crumbling under the pressure of having to arrange an incredible weekend that:

  1. The stag will love
  2. His mates will love 
  3. Will be priced at an affordable amount, for most
  4. On a date that doesn't clash
  5. Something unique

1. The stag will love....

You will probably know him better then the lady he is about to spend the rest of his life with, so with this knowledge go forth and create. If you need to discuss it with him, well it's a great excuse for a pint or three down the pub.

2. His mates will love...

As you know the stag really well you will know what he absolutely loves and despises. However, don't fall into the trap of thinking his mates will like what he loves.

For example; if the groom is heavily into golf, and you book a stag do which includes golf you are likely only to appeal to golfers, usually non golfers either hate the sport or simply don't want to play it, so you may find half the group will not want to go on the weekend.

Golf is a great example, each year at DesignaVenture we get best men booking golf for 20 people with all good intentions however, when it gets to the crunch and people have to pay their bit, the non golfers dip out altogether from the weekend or do the weekend without the golf. On a typical golfing booking a quarter play golf.

Like I said unless all his mates are golfers choose another activity.

3. The Stag Do will be priced at an affordable amount, for most...

Now you cannot please everyone and there's a thin line between over pricing a stag do and under pricing a weekend, not booking enough therefore not making it appealing to some of his flakey rich mates.

4. On a date that doesn't clash...

There are loads of logistics you will need to consider when booking a date for the stag do, when is the bride-to-be going on her hen weekend? Can they go on the same weekend? What about his core mates? What dates can they not do? The destination for the stag do does it have a huge festival happening on that weekend (which will mean no hotel beds)?

2016 is the year of the Euros and we have 3 home nations teams playing Wales, Northern Ireland and England. Do you want to be on a stag do when they are playing, my answer would be YES PLEASE!

It's the best time, after all you will be with all your mates!!

Tip: First of all, book early so everyone can stick in their diary before they get invited to other things or book a holiday. Secondly put the date out there before booking as it can be costly moving the weekend.

5. Something Unique...

Now this isn't so important however, doing something different will make it more memorable especially if your party is a group of stag do veterans.

Whatever you get up to, Good luck!

And remember...

For loads of ideas, prices and packages head over to our stag do section of our website.

We also have a stag do 101 guide which will help you to organise a mammoth weekend.


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