Zombie Nation

Zombie GirlWe're becoming a nation of Zombie lovers, i'll rephrase that, there is nothing we love to hate more than a repulsive looking Zombie.

Whether it's on a Xbox game, box set or film there is nothing more satisfying then killing; good for nothing, flesh eating, dopey and repulsive looking Zombies.

Here's an idea! Why not include this on your next stag do?

You will be armed with paintball guns and dress up like a SWAT team from Boston, ready to hunt down and destroy Zombies*.

Blood thirsty Zombie man sticking his head outThis popular stag do activity is currently available in the Birmingham, Manchester, Reading and Edinburgh, I am pretty much sure more locations will spring up once more places get infected.

Here are some details on our Zombie pages where you can also book a day, package or event.

Now just a warning killing Zombies isn't as cheap as other stag activities and the price is from £85.00 per person depending on which destination you go for.

However, it will be an activity your stag will never forget and that is the whole point of having a stag do, a weekend, event or night out which he will remember for the rest of his life.

Zombie Group SmilingIf you are the best man, don't deprive him of an incredible celebration before he settles down properly, give him something to smile about 10 years down the line.

If you're the groom, firstly what are you doing organising the stag do? Secondly, don't do half measures, do something amazing.

Whatever you decide to do, do it well.

Good luck!

*We couldn't find real Zombies as currently they don't exist so we have gone one better and we use students and actors dressed up as Zombies (makeup and costume is incredibly life like).


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