Stag Do Activities

Where ever you decide to have your stag do whether it's Las Vegas or Bournemouth, best men always like to include an activity or two to keep you crazy boys out the pub.

So strap yourself in and get some cracking ideas for an incredible stag do.

Totally obscure and off the chart is Air Combat in Las Vegas:

Using laser beams (about the only place you can use laser beams near aircrafts), the aim is to try and shoot your opponent down, if you do manage to hit him, smoke will come out of the back of his plane - how cool is that!

A very popular stag activity straight out of the Mad Max Films is Rage Buggies:

Acceleration which will slam you back into your bucket seat and handling like a cat on a sofa you will love driving these machines. Competition and speed what more do you want, jam on it?

This next activity borders on the crazy, however it's a fantastic stag do idea, one of our stags called it "p**s my pants funny": Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bathtub Kart Racing & Banana Ride:

So you make a a boat out of cardboard and race it across a lake, you then race a motorised bathtub around a racing circuit before being pulled around on a giant banana by a speedboat - how much fun can you have in one day, judging by this activity too much!

Be brave my friends, this activity is not for the faint hearted... Canyoning:

Walk behind waterfalls, slip down smooth rock slide into deep pools, jump off 60ft ledges into deep water - you will love it! Just make sure you pack your balls of steel, you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of your mates, do you?

Old faithful, it needs a good game plan, friends you can rely on and a trigger happy finger... Paintball:

OK, the paintballs hurt a little (not a lot), however the adrenaline you get when raiding your opponents base is incredible.

A machine which can pretty much get through anything - Quad Biking:

These beasts where originally invented for farmers to be able to get to anywhere on their farm through mud, streams, up steep hills, down steep declines with relative ease, in order to get to their sheep, and that's exactly what you'll be doing, without the sheep. It's not that kind of stag do!

If you've only shot a gun whilst playing Grand Theft Auto or Call Of Duty then your next step is the real thing - Gun Shooting:

There are some incredible stag do destinations around Europe where you can shoot some incredible guns like the infamous AK47's and hand guns like the Revolver. Mostly in activity sites near big cities like Prague, Budapest, Riga, Bratislava and Berlin.

Don't worry though, if the UK is where you want to celebrate your stag do in then there are also a couple of fantastic activity sites where you can shoot .22 assault rifles, these sites are within easy driving distances of Bristol and Bournemouth.

If you prefer moving targets, clay pigeon shooting, a gentleman's game, is an incredible buzz where you can smash clays into smithereens, proving you have the aim of a sniper and not the sight of Stevie Wonder.

For a full list of stag do activities along with prices head over to our website.

Good luck!


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