10 Very Different Stag Do Ideas

Grooms and Best-Men these days are always on the look-out for unusual or different stag do ideas, what's unusual or different to them could be something that another group did last year, so keeping up with the Jones' is getting harder and harder.

So we thought we better get out there, scrambled across rocks, duck under waterfalls, fly through cyber space and find you 10 different stag do ideas which are both affordable and attainable, well 2 are a bit pricey, but 8 out of 10 isn't bad!

Trabant Driving Experience in Berlin

You have never driven on old banger like it, it has a 2 stroke engine (I don't know what that means) and driving it will take you back to the Cold War days. Imagine you and your group chugging away through the old Berlin Streets in these vintage machines, memorable and OK very different.

A Trabant Car

Currently we are selling this experience for £61.00 per person.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Extreme I know, but it will mean only a small stag group as most of his mates won't be up for it, but what a buzz, an experience never to be forgotten, or is it Everest next year?

Mount Kilimanjaro

Prices start from £2,001 per person including flights, you could include a stop off in Amsterdam on the way back, to do something completely stag related.

Mini Moto Racing - Bristol

If you want to look like you've just nicked a little boys scrambler (hippo on a small motorbike comes to mind) then racing these Mini Moto Racing bikes are the ideal stag activity. Racing around an indoor track you will have proper races in small engined bikes, loads of fun!

A mini moto with a lovely lady on it

Prices start from £41.00 per person

Bridge Swinging - Bratislava

OK, WTF is Bridge Swinging, alright don't get shirty and foul mouthed, it's got nothing to do with getting off with a bridge, just stepping off one, then swinging at breakneck speeds until you come to a halt. Adrenalin, last night's beers and that kebab you had on the way home will all come into effect the minute you step off that platform - ouch! But what a laugh...

A Man Bridge swinging in Bratislava

Prices are from £38.00 per person

Air Combat - Las Vegas

OK, this is a totally crazy activity, you are sat in the cockpit being chased or chasing your mate in another plane; like a proper dog fight. The only thing not real is the bullets and missiles, as apparently real missiles are "too dangerous". However, when you manage to get a hit on your opponents plane, smoke comes out the back of their plane, how cool is that!!

Air Combat, plane hit and smoking

Prices start from £1,020.00 per person

DTV Shredder - Chester or Liverpool

A completely weird contraption which can basically rip up and cope with any type of terrain you throw at it. A futuristic and slightly Mad Max looking vehicle which will give you copious amounts of fun.

A DTV Shredder

Price start from £66.00 per person

White Water Bugging - North Wales

Head first going down a white water river is a definite a no no, you speak to Bear Grylls, he will tell you "feet first, so you don't smash your head on a rock", OK good advice Bear but what about if you're on a white water bug? Take that Grylls, but great advice if you're not on a bug. They look great fun don't they?

A White water bug with man racing down river

Prices start from £56.00 per person

Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bath Tub Racing & Banana Ride - Reading

That's right people you build a boat out of cardboard before racing it across a lake, then race each other in motorised bath tubs and to cap it all off we will pull you round a lake by speedboat whilst you are hanging on to dear life to a inflatable banana. You wanted something different, and I think we've delivered.

a stag do in boats made of Cardboard racing across a lake in Reading

From £60.00 per person

Fire Eating Masterclass - London

If your groom is a bit of a circus fanatic or in his day could juggle, unicycle and smoke all at the same time then this activity is perfect for his stag do. You'll need to brave enough to lick a burning stick and juggle things which are on fire - brave or stupid - the jury's out!

A lady fire breathing

From £41.00 per person

Bushcraft Night - Swansea

Talking of fire, you will learn how to make a fire with just sticks, you will also learn how to build a shelter, get a chance to use big knives and axes properly, identify edible plants and also; learn how to cook on an open fire. There is also time to have a few beers around a camp fire, well it is a stag do after all.

How to make fire

From £186.00 per person (2 day course)
From £96.00 per person (1 Day course)

All the above price are correct when this post was published, for up to date prices and other unusual / different stag do ideas head over to our website and check them out.

Good luck....


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