Huge Stag Do Tip - Book Early

According to the Daily Mail the average time between engagement and marriage is 2 years!

So in reality the stag will know who he will ask to be his best man within the first 6 months of proposing.

As best man or Groom, that's a long time to plan things, and when it comes to the stag do, I personally think that booking it a year in advance is a great idea.

There are many reasons why you should book early including:
  • You'll get the cheapest flights (if going abroad); booking flights late can result in higher fares particularly with Low Cost Airlines (Easyjet, Ryanair etc.)
  • Booking hotel rooms a year in advance usually means that you'll get this year's price for next year, as inevitably most hotels will put their prices up
  • The boys will then have plenty of time to plan and put the date in their diary, before the WAGS get there first!
  •  If you book with a stag company like DesignaVenture, you can pay off the stag do month by month if you wish, helping the lads budget for the big weekend
I think I have covered some important points there, however what about the negatives, will booking early mean you have to shed out loads of money?

This all depends on how and where you have booked your stag do.

A good example; if you book flights for everyone through a Low Cost Airline, they will want their fare up front (just remember you can save up to £200 booking early, so it's quite a big trade off).

Important note; do not pay for anyone you do not know or trust if you cannot get a refund if he pulls out.

What if people drop out?

That's a very good question which I imagine goes through every best man's mind when he books a stag do, well I can only speak for DesignaVenture's T&C's:

If you book a UK stag do or one of our non inclusive flight package abroad we allow people to drop out up until 4 weeks before you go, so that's plenty of time to cancel them off if they haven't paid you.

When booking early we also recommend you get people locked down, so after you have put down your initial £30 deposit we recommend you get a £30 deposit from every member of the group, that way, people will be financially committed to your weekend and it won't just be you and the stag because everyone else has forgotten about it!!

We also have a system where people can pay individually online or over the telephone, so you don't have to get your hands dirty, take a look at our How To Book page.

What if I have booked the wrong the date?

If you book UK or a package that doesn't include flights and want to change the date, this usually shouldn't cause any issues providing there is space for your new date, there may be a minimal admin fee but nothing to worry about.

What if I have booked the flights for the wrong date?

Well that's slightly different, Low Cost airlines these days will usually charge you an admin fee plus the difference in price, for example if you booked to go on the 07th and you have to change to the 14th, your charges would work out to be:

Price of the seat you paid for the 07th = £25.00
The price of the seat for your new date, the 14th = £32.00
Difference = £7.00

Plus, admin fee £25.00 (this is just an example)

So you would have to pay an extra £32.00 per seat to change the date.

Top Tip

Book early, get the date set in stone and plan away, the positives completely out weigh the negatives there are loads to plan for a wedding, this will be one less job to do.

If you have any questions or queries about booking early give us a call on 01432 830880, we love to chat.

Good luck.


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