Stag Do Destination Ideas - Amsterdam

When compiling a list of stag do destinations abroad, everyone will have their own opinion or destination requirements for example; if you want sunshine and beaches perhaps Dublin wouldn't be the best destination, if you're looking for crazy activities and cheep beer; Bratislava would be a great choice.

However if you are looking for an easily accessible city to spend 1 or 2 nights in, where you can let your hair down, Amsterdam has to be the number 1 choice on your stag do destinations list.

Amsterdam has been popular with British stag parties since, well I don't know when, but why?

Well, it could be something to do with the relaxed laws on certain natural substances and acts.

I shouldn't degrade Amsterdam as a stag do destination on just being able to smoke skunk, eat space cakes and buy sex, no, no. no... Amsterdam has so much more than just that.

There are some incredible nightclubs, great bar crawls which you could always do by bicycle (drinking responsibly, obviously), excellent restaurants and boat trips you can explore this amazing city day and night.

If you didn't know Amsterdam has loads of canals running through the streets then you do now, this will give you an incredible back drop to which will certainly be an amazing weekend away.

Sit and have a beer in Rembrandt Square or take a tour of the Redlight District to fill the hours.

Better still, book a beer bike for a couple of hours... Imagine, just you and the boys pedalling slowly around Amsterdam whilst drinking beer, taking in the sites and listening to your own music being pumped out through the onboard sound-system.

Don't panic you won't have to steer it, each beer bike which can take up to 17 people, has it's very own sober driver / tour guide.

With 30 litres of beer and an incredible sound system, your beer bike awaits you....

Amsterdam is also very close to the UK, a mere hour and a bit on a plane and you'll arrive at Schiphol airport. Then, getting to Amsterdam Central (the main railway station right in the centre of Amsterdam) is extremely easy, there's a train station underneath the airport and within 22 minutes you'll be stepping out into the middle of this amazing city.

Where to stay....

If, like me, you like to stay in the centre of a city where you don't need public transport to get around (taxis are incredibly expensive in Amsterdam) then look for accommodation which is within a 10 - 20 minutes walk of Amsterdam Central station, but saying that the trams are pretty easy to work out and currently run from 6am to 12.30am, perfect timing as you won't be getting home before 6am surely!

Amsterdam also offers popular stag do activities such as Paintball, Karts etc. for that classic stag weekend and if you're looking to keep the boys out the bars all day, but hey you can do that anywhere.

Good luck...


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