How To Book A Stag Do With Ease

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I don't usually bang on about how great DesignaVenture are as this would be an extremely boring blog.

Instead I have packed out this blog with great advice, stag do ideas, fun top 10's, an immense 101 Guide To Arranging The Ultimate Stag Do and other great posts.

Take a tour of this blog or use the search bar to find help, advice and ideas, however:

This post is all about booking your stag do with ease; finding the most efficient way to book your stag do, which can be a drag on your time and resources.

Don't get stressed, worried or feel this is just another job I have to do, as you don't, all you have to do is agree on a stag do with the Groom and let DesignaVenture take the strain.

Booking your stag do with DesignaVenture could not be easier, our experience, incredible products, easy to use website and a need to please people make us the perfect place to handle your epic stag do.

Our website has bucket loads of popular packages in loads of stag do destinations, we also have a section on the website where you can build your own stag do, giving you the flexibility and a huge range of activities and accommodation at your finger tips.

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Did you know if you book your stag do with DesignaVenture and enough people attend, the stag can go for free?? Well you do now, click on the image for more details.

Once booked, not only will we organise your hotel, activities nightclubs, transport etc. we can also help with collecting the money directly from the guys. You will have a membership area where you can see who's paid, send out invites and payment reminders and view your booking 24 hours a day, so there's no need to go round people's houses collecting money!!

So, everyone's paid... we then send you out all the details for each venue electronically. Forward this to the guys and each member of the stag group will know exactly what's going on, where to go, what to wear etc.

Don't forget, you also paid for this weekend and the last thing you want to do all weekend is mother the group, so sending them all the details before they go will take the emphasis off of you.

One thing is a constant - DesignaVenture is backed by over 14 years of stag do organising experience, tried and tested products and customer service so good it'll feel like a warm cosy cuddle - we are no dummies you know!

So head over to the DesignaVenture website find your perfect stag and get it booked, or if you prefer to chat, call us on 01432 830000, it's that easy!

Good luck!


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