Stag Do Ideas By Month

Stag dos can take place all year round, over Christmas Day however, is usually frowned upon! All the other weekends are open season, ready to go.

However some activities are much better at certain times of the year, so to prove this I have put together some stag do ideas for each month and the reasoning behind my theories.

January - Paintball

OK, you've just had Christmas and you're feeling the pinch, I'm talking about your wallet as well as your waist. So there's no better activity to get you running around for less than £20 than Paintball.

OK, so you'll need to buy some paintballs when you're there but their cheap as chips these days, so while your there get a paint and smoke bomb and cover everyone with a paint grenade, the SAS have nothing on you.

February - Quad Biking

February is when the weather chucks everything at us, rain, sleet, snow, ice, frost.. You name it we get it, however there is one vehicle which can tackle any type of terrain and come to think about any type of weather and that's a Quad Bike.

The best time on a quad bike is when you get covered in mud and the bike is almost out of control - you just can't beat it!

March - Clay Pigeon Shooting

There's something about early spring and Clay Pigeon Shooting. Arrive for a bacon sandwich, a hot coffee and a hip flask full of Whisky, then get started shooting some birds (obviously birds made of clay).

HOT TOP: Follow the clay with your eyes rather than the gun and allow yourself to aim and shoot naturally, prove you're a hot shot and not Mr Magoo.

April - White Water Rafting

Spring brings April showers and gushing rivers, rivers that froth up like a Cappuccino in Starbucks. Spring is definitely the time to go White Water Rafting.

White water rivers are measured out of 5, 1 = tame and 5 = waterfalls, most white water rivers we deal with in the UK in April are usually around the 3 which is pretty awesome - see video below of white water rafting in North Wales. Also includes Canyoning which is next month's recommendation.

May - Canyoning

Canyoning  is best when the gorges are not too full or have too little water, you can go all year round however May in my mind is the best month.

In May the weather has warmed up, and gorges have just the right amount of water in them so you can do all the jumps, explore the caves, walk behind waterfalls and generally have a fantastic time - I suppose it's the Goldilocks month for Canyoning!

June - Rage Buggies

Generally most Rage Buggy tracks don't run in November to February as the tracks tend to be too muddy, however there is a track in North Wales which runs all year round as they have designed and built an incredible hardcore surface.

However to get the best out of these beasts I think you need a nice dry dusty track perfect for tiny bits of understeer and oversteer before it grips up and throws you around the corners.

June - Horse Racing

June is the only month I've recommended two activities and the second is Horse Racing and not just at any race course - I am proposing Ascot. One of the biggest events on the Racing calendar is Royal Ascot and if you get the chance to go - do it! The atmosphere is immense and with your stag do mates even better!!

July - Coasteering

Fill your day up with some Coasteering, the sea is generally behaving itself in July and there are some perfect 60 foot ledges to jump off into deep clear blue rock pools.

Remember, the seaside is the perfect destination for your stag do in July, blue skies and usually warmer weather. Then there's the nightlife at our busy seaside destinations, in the summer Bournemouth and Newquay rock at night!

August - Outdoor Race Karts

I think August is the best time to go racing on slick tyres, with some outdoor karts boasting two engines you are bound to get in the mood for the Formula 1 season which restarts at the end of August after the short summer break.

August is generally drier and not as hot as July so wearing racing suits and helmets won't be too much bother.

September - Bubble Football

Just in time for the football season which starts mid August, Bubble Football will get you warmed up for the long season a head. It get's quite hot inside those Bubbles suits so September will be better month than 'flaming' June.

If you've never played Bubble Football before, a stag do is the best time to have a go, and remember fouling is part of the game!

October - Surfing

Head down to one of the best places in the world to surf (which is Newquay / Cornwall by the way) and in October you'll get the big swells whilst the water is still warm (ish) from the summer.

You'll also find the roads a lot quieter then they were in the summer months.

November - Indoor Karting

By November once the nights have drawn in you will need an indoor activity and the perfect activity for a stag do is Indoor Karting. You get the excitement and thrills of any outdoor activity however you don't have to rely on good weather or daylight.

Usually he whole stag group will be on track at the same time however this does depend on your group's size.

December - Beer, Cider or Whiskey Tasting

It goes without saying December and drinking goes hand in hand, like Dick and Dom, Christmas Pudding and Brandy Sauce and Vodka Redbull (ouch that last one still makes my head ache). Beer / Cider or Whiskey Tasting is a fantastic stag activity, the activity usually comes with copious amounts of samples and tasting plus you'll get fed!

Which ever stag activity you choose, enjoy it!

Good luck



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