What To Do On A Stag Do

Before you trundle off to the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website where you will find bucket loads of activity ideas and packages I have put together a little list together below on What To Do On A Stag Do.

Just bear in mind that the last thing you want on the stag weekend are the guys bored out of their tiny minds.

You also don't need 15 drunken men by 4pm wandering the streets and making a menace of themselves, no establishment in their right minds will not let you in, so it's early to bed then!

Organise something for the day which will keep the boys happy, contented and create a memory of the stag do the groom will cherish.

Activities don't have to be adventurous, you can go; Horse Racing, Cider Tasting around Herefordshire, Whisky Tasting in Edinburgh, Casino, watch a premiership football match, Beer Bike Tours the list is endless.

However if it's adventurous stag activities you're after then Rage Buggy Racing, Quad Biking, Canyoning, Paintball, Bubble Football, Stock Car Racing, Zombie Shooting to name but a few, will make a weekend of it.

There are also some brilliant and unique stag activities in Europe such as AK47 shooting, proper Bobsleigh on ice, Snowmobiles, Mud Jelly Wrestling, Driving Trabants, so don't just think booking a stag do to Europe on a city break is enough, you'll need something for the day to stop the boys from peaking too soon.

The moral of the daytime is to make sure the guys are busy and having fun - of course the activity must suit the group and no one knows your group better than the Best Man and Stag.

How do these activity days pan out?

OK, if you haven't been on one of these activity days there are certain elements that you need to remember to bring along; the right clothing, make sure you have enough supplies such as food, drink, sun cream etc. and most importantly waterproof cameras / Go Pros.

On arrival and after kit allocation* you usually have a briefing with an instructor whether it's to show you how a Rage Buggy works or what to do in an emergency.

*Some activities will need specialised equipment which will be supplied such as helmets, buoyancy aids, wet suits etc. If you're racing motor vehicles some sites include overalls and some don't so check before you go - if you book your stag do thought DesignaVenture all this information will be in your Essential Travel Pack.

If your budget is a little tight and you only have enough dosh for the night out and hotel, consider organising an activity where you don't need money such as; football on the beach, an incredible walk up Snowdonia or along a coastal path in Cornwall, bike from Bath to Bristol (taking in a few pubs), hide and seek!!! The world is your Oyster my friends.

Details for the Bath to Bristol or Bristol to Bath bike ride

Alternatively, Walk Snowdonia

When walking Snowdonia make sure you wear the correct clothing and read up on what you should take with you - don't be a plonker like this man who walked to the top of Snowdonia in his underpants and got hyperthermia.

Night time needs to be well organised, there's no point turning up at a city for a full on stag night with no plans, especially when you are a big group of men - you're likely to be turned away from busy venues and these are the best places!

To start with, everyone likes a curry or Chinese so book a restaurant / all you can eat buffet, early doors, this will not only soak up the alcohol but it's also a great place for banter before hitting the bars.

After your meal, book an unescorted bar tour, you'll need your name down on as many venues as you can, giving you the luxury of choice.

Then it's the finale, the last night of being a free man - do you visit a nightclub and party in a private booth with Redbull and Vodka or is it straight to the lap dancing club for a night of eye watering madness.

Well it's your stag do - you decide!

Good luck



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