Stag Night Help & Advice

What happens on a stag night, stays on a stag night, right?

But what happens if nothing happens? You can't get in anywhere, bars are turning groups of guys aways, clubs are full to the brim and the only place to go is the penny arcades....

You're going have a seriously ticked off stag group, so here is some killer advice on making sure your worst nightmare doesn't happen.

Pre Book

Night club with confetti falling and text saying don't miss outPre book your nightlife people, whether you book the clubs / bars through a stag company like DesignaVenture or go direct to venues, it's really important that this is taken care of, you don't want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Even if you don't use the venues you've pre booked, at least you have a back up plan. Belts and braces my friends, belts and braces.

Your group may want to hang out in Vodka bar or Gin Club or love Cider and want to drink a cloudy 9% monster, you will need to take care of this and pre book it - if you don't see the venue on the DesignaVenture or the type of club you want, let us know and we will always try our best to accommodate your requirements.

Dress to impress

This isn't the 80s or 90s where you practically had to wear a suit to get into a nightclub, I remember a club that didn't let people in with jeans on, I mean c-mon!

These days dress codes are some what more relaxed to back then, with bouncers (that's what they were called in the 90s) will now let you in with trainers and jeans on.

However, you can't turn up, looking like you've just been dragged through a hedge backwards even though that is possibly a look, clean trainers most establishments will want and no football tops, sportswear, shell suits etc.

Stag Party In Fancy Dress
Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is acceptable in a lot of venues, however you must check before booking, pre booking or putting the venue on the list 'you must visit' on the night.

Fancy dress covers a multitude of outfits so nothing offensive, revealing or sordid and in the establishments that do except fancy dress, you're as good as golden.

Stag Kitty

Well it's a must! It will keep the group together and is the fairest way to buy rounds. At the end of the night everyone should have spent the same amount of money, except for the boys who went off looking for kebabs or lap dancers or both!

Where the hell is the hotel?

If you're in a strange part of Europe or even Blackpool, lost your friends and can't remember the name of your hotel then this next tip is a clear winner.

When you check into the hotel they usually have hotel cards in reception, take one and put it in your wallet, that way you will always have the knowledge on where your suitcase is being stored (most stag dos don't sleep, so your hotel room becomes a glorified luggage store with en-suite of course!).

Head over to the DesignaVenture website, for cracking stag night ideas.

Good luck



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