Give Me Adventure On My Stag Do

OK, ok so you're looking for adventure on your stag do, something that's going to scare the living daylights out of the lads, hang you all out to dry and make you feel incredible, then look no further people I have just put together some adventurous stag do ideas for the UK.

There is nothing like free falling off a mountain, lucky you're attached to a Zip Wire - but not just any old Zip Wire, try Velocity in Snowdonia.

Velocity is not only the fastest zip wire in the world it's the longest in Europe and you can drive there!

Zip Wire Velocity North Wales

Extremely fast, incredibly responsive and sticks to the track like nothing else, these motorised beasts are a firm favourite with our stag parties and are available throughout he UK.

600 - 900cc, with loads of torque and acceleration which will sit you back in your bucket seat, nothing else compares.


This activity isn't for people who don't like heights. Scramble across cliff faces, finding ledges to jump off, sounds similar to Tomb-stoning however, you'll be provided with all specialised clothing and equipment and you'll have an expert instructor to keep you safe.

Best place to Coasteer is Newquay or South Wales.

This motorised activity lives up to it's name! Real cars, real track with no dodgy steering making you go backwards like the fairground dodgems!

Think of old 1300cc cars (such as Ford Fiestas, Micras etc.) with roll cages on the inside and out, racing around a track, and who cares if you bump, it's more fun if you do!

Available in Birmingham.

Extreme Dodgems

Move over white water rafting, I want to go down the rapids holding on to an inflatable body board, head first! Sounds mad, well it is and you and your stag party will absolutely love it!

Only destination offering this brilliant activity is North Wales, what better place in the UK is there for adventure than North Wales, oh and Scotland, and the Peak district, OK there's loads but you get my drift.

White Water River Bugging

How can this possible work? Well you need a wind tunnel facing upwards, plenty of wind (from a turbine fan) and plenty of balls to get in there and let the wind take your weight, available in Milton Keynes and Manchester.

Similar to coasteering where you're basically chucking yourself off ledges into deep pools, you also have the added benefit of exploring caves and sliding down waterfalls, more adventurous than a dog with a dinosaur bone!

Available in North & South Wales, Scotland and England.

Where would farmers be without the quad bike! Actually, where would stags be as quad biking is one of the most popular stag do activities there is. Whether you're racing or trekking once you get the hang of it, "there's a lot of fun that can be had on a quad bike" said in my best Farmers accent.

Available nationwide.

Quad bike getting air off a jump


You may find your stag group is made up of some very fit people, wanting to show off their agilities and abilities and there is nothing more suitable than an assault course.

If you don't see an adventure that tickles your inner Herculean state then head over to our stag do ideas page which is packed to the rafters with adventurous and some non adventurous activities, ready to book!

Good luck.



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