Stag Do Planning Guide

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The 7 P's

Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

So start planning your stag do early, a year in advance is an ideal time to start, if possible.

The List

The stag will know exactly who wants he wants to attend his stag do, you may even ask him if Dave's friend from work can come, so keep your list fluid and be prepared for numpties (see Dealing With Pub Talkers below).

Choose Your Ideal Date

Choosing a date can be a real nightmare however, if you start arranging the stag do a year in advance it will be a lot easier.

If deciding on a date start's to become like herding ferrets then book a date that will keep the main people happy, all the rest can fall in line - you can't perform miracles you know!

COMMUNICATE - I.T. Up Your Planning

Create a WhatsApp group for banter and important decisions - fancy dress - t-shirts etc. WhatsApp groups are a free and easy way of communicating. You can even create a separate WhatsApp group without the stag for prank ideas!

Other great platforms are available  where you can create a group in, such as; Facebook, Twitter, even email is a good way, just remind everyone to click on "reply all".

The biggest reason for failure when arranging a stag do is bad communication, keep everyone in the loop and make them part of the weekend, this will help bond the group, before they've even arrived.

Destination Over Activity Choices

If you're looking at an activity filled stag weekend and your stag has an activity in mind this will restrict you on your weekend destination (unless it's paintball or bubble football as these activities are pretty much everywhere!).

If for example the stag wants white water rafting you know that Brighton is out the question so the destination will depend on whether the stag has an activity he definitely wants to do or a destination he really wants to go to and if he wants both, good luck!

a collage of stag do activity ideas on the DesignaVenture website

Money Matters

Unless your group are all cast members of Made in Chelsea, money will matter.

As you have a WhatsApp group, test the water, chuck some figures about and wait for the reactions, you'll know when you've over priced it.

Book it!

Don't hang around especially when booking a large group, availability goes, especially for popular weekends or destinations, the most popular weekends are the first and last weekends of the month.

Please note: Make sure you understand the Terms and Conditions before booking, don't pay for people that you don't know or trust as you may not be able to get a refund.

At DesignaVenture we ask for a small deposit of £30*, then ask for the per person deposit 2 weeks later, this way you can get your stag weekend booked before asking people for money - (see Dealing With Pub Talkers below).


Make sure you and everyone in the group are aware of the T&C's. Deposits are usually non refundable and within 4 weeks of departure you usually have to fully commit - so don't pay for anyone you don't know or trust (see Dealing With Pub Talkers below).

Dealing With Pub Talkers

Pub Talkers = People that say yes to everything once they have had a drink, or are in a social environment and want to be part of the gang.

These Pub Talkers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and will back out as soon as you ask them for money OR you may not get a reply to an email or WhatsApp.

We find on average a good third drop out between getting numbers and people paying their deposits.

So don't:

  • Get stressed
  • Feel people have let you down 
  • Take it personally

This is the normal procedure when booking a stag do.

Arrange Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is now an art, a right of passage on a stag do. Whether it's a simple T-Shirt or a lavish Super Hero outfit, make sure everyone is aware of the theme in plenty of time before you go - check out our Fancy Dress Ideas.

TIP: If you have booked into bars and nightclubs make sure they are aware that you are dressing up. Some venues may not allow fancy dress or have a strict fancy dress policy, so check, before you buy your outfit.

Get Your Nightlife Licked

The worst stag night you'll have is the one where you're all dressed up and you can't get into a single bar or club - so make sure you are booked in otherwise you're going to have yourself so a very unhappy group of grumps.

DJ Mixing It Up For A stag Do

I Dunno, YOU Pranksters

Check out our stag do pranks post - you may need some ideas and inspiration. Just make sure there is plenty of time before the wedding for him to recover or the bride-to-be may not want you at the wedding!

Hotel Check Inn

On hotel check-in our top tip is to give each member of the group a hotel business card - most hotels will have one on the reception desks and will have the address and telephone number. That way everyone will know where their luggage is being stored (you're on a stag do, sleeping is cheating and your hotel room will be known as your luggage store!).

Put Your Phones Away

What goes on tour, stays on tour, most memories will need to be stored in your memory file in your bonce, not on a memory card or on a phone for all and sundry to see.

So keep your phones in your pocket.

Eating Is Definitely Not Cheating

Make sure there are plenty of refreshment breaks and I'm not talking about liquid refreshments - get some restaurants booked, as a large group of old friends, it will be nice to have a good catch-up over a burger or curry.

Eating before or during the night will stop the Peakers from peaking too soon and going to bed early.

A delicious burger bookable on the DesignaVenture website

Check out our 101 Guide To Arranging The Ultimate Stag Do

Stag Planning In A Nutshell
  1. Get a date
  2. Set a budget
  3. Research & book
  4. Communicate
  5. Don't stress out with time wasters
  6. Look after the stag
*Based on packages that do not include flights and are outside of 5 weeks of departure.


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