Stag Do Destination Guide: Reading

Pure Unadulterated Reading Facts

  • Average Temp: June: 20c | July: 22c | August: 22c
  • Rainfall: 635mm per year
  • Location: 51.441, -0.938 (stick that in Google maps)
  • Above Sea Level: 62 metres

What's Reading like for a stag do then?

Reading is more than just a festival...

Reading doesn't need to compete with the huge stag do destinations, that's not her style (yes that's right, I just referred to Reading as a 'her'!), so why do stag parties come to Reading, what's the appeal?

Reading is extremely close to London, Southeast, M4 and South West so is extremely easy to get to from almost anywhere in the Midlands, South of England and South Wales.

Reading also has some spectacular activities (see below), and nightlife which is just right for the adventurous stag party, see below...

Reading is also an old University town so if your stag has been to Reading Uni and he wants to go back with his mates, there's no better time than on his stag do.

Stag Do Activities Reading Guide

A Day At The Races

Horse racing is an extremely popular activity to do on your stag weekend and with Ascot, one of the most prestigious Horse Racing Courses in the world on Reading's doorstep, Reading is the perfect place to stay.

Actually it's only approximately 20 - 30 minutes drive from Ascot and Newbury and with cheaper accommodation and great nightlife it's the only place to stay on a horse racing themed stag weekend.

Wacky Stag Do Activities

We have a lot of wacky and weird stag do activities on offer on the DesignaVenture website however Reading has one of the wackiest, it's called: Cardboard Boat Challenge, Bathtub Kart Racing and Banana Ride.

Located on a lake just outside Reading, you have to make a cardboard boat our of umm cardboard and then race it across the lake, the winning team makes it to the other side of the lake first and in one piece.

Then you have racing bathtubs around a race course - these bathtubs have both forward and reverse gears and is the maddest petrol driven vehicle you will ever race!

You then finish it off with a ride around a lake sitting on an inflatable banana pulled by a speedboat - I mean why not?

Fantastic Popular Stag Activities

From racing the amazing and very quick Rage Buggies to flying yes flying, but not literally, Hovercrafts, shooting clays into a million pieces or shooting zombies with .22 assault rifles, this fantastic activity site approximately 40 minutes from Reading has it all.

You can pick up to 4 or 5 activities or do as little as one, for more details go to DesignaVenture's Rage Buggies and Combo packages.

Other activities available in Reading include Footgolf, Bubble Football, Escape Room, Jet Ski-ing, Paintball, Segways... The list just keeps on getting added to so go to our Reading stag do ideas page for an updated list and prices.

Nightlife Reading Guide

OK, OK we know that Reading isn't Vegas but what it lacks in swish clubs it makes up in cool cocktail bars, restaurants and late night clubs.

There's a gentleman club which is pretty chilled out and a fantastic comedy club which is currently getting huge acts, Reading is only 20 to 30 minutes by train from London, so well established comedians don't mind travelling the short distance.

Where To Stay

There are loads of 3 - 4 star hotels in the centre of Reading and on a weekend the prices are not bad compared to other city centre hotels, such as Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and Nottingham, you can pay up to £20 less per night, which is an absolute bargain.

All hotels that DesignaVenture use are city centre and are also 4 star, check out our stag do packages in Reading for details and prices.

Weekends To Try and Avoid

Reading hosts one of the biggest and best Music festivals in the UK, funny enough it's called The Reading Festival which is always on the Bank Holiday in August, hotels are usually chocca so if you can make another weekend I would advise, roads are also extremely busy on this weekend.

There is also the Henley festival which is another busy weekend, plus Royal Ascot and finally Farnborough air show, apart from that, you should be golden.

Good luck



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