The World Cup Of Stag Do Activities

The FIFA World Cup has started and actually, so are many stag dos, partying it up all over the UK and world.

I have toured the UK and had a fair go at loads of stag do activities for DesignaVenture's so I thought I would pip the activities against each other from my own experience to see who would win.


I cannot possibly compare 32 activities as there aren't enough hours in the day, so I have gone straight to the quarter finals with 8 of DesignaVenture most popular stag do activities:

Quarter Final 1 - Zip Wire Velocity Vs Canyoning

Zip Wire football card against Canyoning Football Card

Two adrenaline style activities where you'll need balls of steel to take part. Canyoning has more locations than the Zip Wire Velocity, however in my mind to have a go on the fastest zip wire in the world, which means you will hit 125mph and over, there's no contest:
Score: Zip Wire Velocity 3 - 1 Canyoning

Zip Wire Velocity moves on to the Semi Finals....

Quarter Final 2 - Bubble Football Vs Paintball

Bubble Football - Football Card and Paintball Football garden on a football pitch

Both activities are practically nationwide and are based on team events, making your event very competitive and loads of fun, however in my mind once I did the Bubble Football I wasn't that excited to do it again, Paintball on the other hand I would definitely have another go, and another, and another, nothing beats the excitement of being shot at!:
Score: Bubble Football 2 - 4 Paintball

Paintball move on to the semis....

Quarter Final 3 - Rage Buggy Racing Vs Indoor Karts

Rage Buggies Football Card and Indoor Karting Football garden on a football pitch

I've written Rage Buggies which is kind of covering the big engined dirt buggies which sound phenomenal and accelerate like you wouldn't believe. Indoor Karts are an incredible amount of fun and the tracks can be challenging however, nothing beats ripping around a dirt track in a 500cc plus monster:
Score: Rage Buggies 5 - 1 Indoor Karts

Rage Buggies storm through to the semis....

Quarter Final 4 - Quad Biking Vs Clay Pigeon Shooting

Quad Biking Football Card and Clay Pigeon Shooting Football garden on a football pitch

Both activities take part in the countryside and have have been attended by stag dos for years. Clay Pigeon Shooting is definitely competitive and can be tough for the shooter who doesn't quite get it, Quads are easy to drive and around the UK are some awesome quad biking sites. In my mind Quad biking is the better option and is more popular with DesignaVenture stag parties:
Score: Quad Biking 1 - 0 Clay Pigeon Shooting

A close one, but Quads made it through to the last 4....

Semi Final 1 - Zip Wire Velocity Vs Paintball

Zip Wire Football Card and Paintball Football garden on a football pitch

Two very different activities and equally brilliant in their own right however, a stag do should be a memorable occasion, something the stag and perhaps the whole group should remember for the rest of their lives, the Velocity Zip Wire will give you a memory like no other:
Score: Zip Wire Velocity 2 - 0 Paintball

Zip Wire velocity breeze into the final...

Semi Final 2 - Rage Buggy Racing Vs Quad Biking

Rage Buggies Football Card and Quad Biking Football garden on a football pitch

A tightly fought out battle, where both activities are extremely popular with DesignaVenture stag groups as they are brilliant. Even for the non-petrol heads there's nothing like travelling at speed around a dirt track in a Rage Buggy or climbing an incredibly steep hill on a Quad Bike, which even walking up, looks impossible, however there can only be one winner:
Score: Rage Buggies 1 - 1 Quad biking (Penalty Shoot-Out)

Rage Buggies win on penalties 5-3 so go through to the finally justifiably.

The Final: Rage Buggy Racing Vs Zip Wire Velocity

Zip Wire Football Card and Rage Buggies Football garden on a football pitch

Both activities are totally brilliant and are loved by DesignaVenture's stag parties, however this is a world competition with a lot at stake, in my mind and because the Rage Buggies are totally and utterly brilliant to drive, even Jeremy Clarkson said they were the Mutts Nuts, Rage Buggies must be the overall winner.

Rage Buggies can also be done in so many stag destinations compared to the the Zip Wire Velocity which is North Wales:
Score: Rage Buggies 3 - 0 Zip Wire Velocity

So Rage Buggies lift the STAG DO ACTIVITIES WORLD CUP TROPHY, and rightly deserved, see you in 4 years time!

Good luck!


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