Tips On Booking A Last Minute Stag Do

First and foremost, give yourself a pat on the back, you haven't given up and said to the Groom "there's no time to book the stag do, let's just go down the local boozer".

Right, YOU NEED TO MOVE IN A FLASH, you have a last minute stag do to sort and not much time to do it in.

Here are some quick FLASH POINTERS:
  • Speak to the stag and see what he wants to do (where, when, what)
  • Get a list of invitees
  • Speak to DesignaVenture, because let's face it, who has the time to source and call hotels, activity sites etc.
  • Get the guys to pay*
  • Your golden
*When asking, their immediate reaction is yep, yes, I'll be there - however once you ask for money it's a different story - "Oh... my cats going to the vets that weekend" or "I have an ingrowing toe nail".


Do not ask all the lads where they want to do and what they want to do, rhis will add a week to the booking stage, find a stag do you and the groom like and then tell the lads it's this much money and we are going here.

Be flexible, you may find the hotel you want is full or the activity time slot is fairly early, be decisive and just book it, the lads will just tow the line.

Book only the people who've paid, and then the stragglers can add on after.

Do not pay for anyone you do not know or trust as you may not get your money back if they cancel.

Don't go overboard on price, as this is a last minute stag do no one in the group would of had time to save up for a week in Ibiza!

Small is sweet, don't expect masses of people, some people just won't be able to make it, so make sure you or the stag don't take it personally.


Things will be moving fast, so not only do you need to be fluid you also need to communicate information over to the lads, keep everyone in the loop by setting up a group on WhatsApp, or Facebook, email or any other popular free software.

Make sure before you go, you send as much information to the group as possible, as they may not have had time to research the area / hotel. Make sure everyone knows where they are going and what they are doing.


I try to keep this blog as neutral as possible, trying not to sell DesignaVenture, however when it comes to booking a last minute stag weekend you need a stag company like DesignaVenture as they will have all the contacts and can give you advice on what to do and where to go, plus they will call every hotel in your chosen city - we specialise in getting last minute stag dos in, saving you time and money.

Another important point when booking through DesignaVenture is the group can pay direct rather than you having to chase them up for money or hanging them upside down and shaking them until the money drops out of their pockets, this will make life very easy. DesignaVenture will simply send you a link to share and they can click and pay, it's as easy as that.

Good luck



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