Hot Weather Essentials For Your Stag Weekend

Man lying back on a chair in the desert with a large drink

Currently the weather is barmy, the UK hasn't been this hot, well not since the famous summer of 1976, and don't they go on about the hot summer of '76', not any more people, what about the scorching summer of 2018?

So while you are on your stag weekend you will be putting in loads of effort to dehydrate yourself, that's right even though you are drinking bucket loads of beer you are actually dehydrating yourself.

Drinking 200ml of an average beer or lager (which is usually  4 - 5 percent), you will urinate 320ml of urine, so you are 120ml the wrong way!

My first recommendation is to DRINK LOADS OF WATER; between pints, after a night on the town, before you go out, on the way to your stag weekend destination, drink as much as you can.

Drinking loads of water will also give you less of a hangover, FACT!

Give Me Shades

Sunglass white marks in his face

You need to protect your eyes people and there's no better way then to look extremely cool in a pair of sunglasses.

Why do I need to wear sunglasses?

They actually protect your eyes from high levels of UV from the sun, it has been proven that subjecting your eyes to high levels of UV can give you retinal dysfunction or even cataracts.

We also recommend you wear them whilst quad biking, rage buggy racing or any other outdoor motor sport as they will protect your eyes from dirt and particularly dust.


Not wanting to scare you but The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends you wear suncream regardless of your colour of skin during sunny and partially sunny days. Even if you have cloud cover, if your hand still makes a shadow on the ground UV rays are making their way to your skin.

No one looks cool with massive red blotches or sun burn, so protect yourself.


It's not the weather, it's your clothing....

I mean this is a given, wear decent cotton clothing that doesn't stick to you and make sure they are light colours as not to absorb the heat. Recently we have seen temperatures into the high 20s and I have still seen fellas walking around in jeans and jackets!

Smart shorts on a night out is also except-able, most clubs will allow this however if you have booked bars and clubs through DesignaVenture we always recommend you check with us first.

Have a Curry

This is why in hot countries people eat chilli based foods, so if you can cope with it, eat a hot curry it will make you sweat and in turn cool your body down.

Book Water Based Activities

Stag in sunglasses, hat and rubber ring

Water based activities are a must on a hot stag do in this country or abroad, here are some epic ideas:
  • Water Parks 
  • White Water Rafting
  • Canyoning
  • Coasteering
  • Jet Ski-ing
  • It's A Knockout
  • Surfing
  • Body Boarding
  • Canoeing
With water based activities you are guaranteed to get wet which in turn will cool you right down.

If you have already booked your stag weekend through DesignaVenture, it's not to late to add a water based activity onto your itinerary.

Whatever you do, keep cool and good luck.



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