The Importance Of Your Stag Weekend

stag party on the beach at night

A short 20 year history of stag weekends

In the late 1990's and early 00's, finding a hotel that would except a single sex party (stag do) was fairly difficult, quite a few establishments would put a blanket ban to all male parties and stag groups.

These days, hotels and nightclubs are tripping over themselves to except stag parties, as they know, these type of parties increase their bar and restaurant takings (otherwise known as F&B) and they know that only a very small amount of groups misbehave.

There has always been bad press around the humble stag do. The "Press" heavily smear the humble stag party with damning and exaggerated stories, remember tabloids love to feed off negativity as that's what sells their advertising space, they don't care how much income these groups bring into towns and cities every weekend.

The current go-to article that the tabloids love to release, are from the reporters who hate going on stag weekends because they find them degrading or there's too much testosterone, or they hate the way they are pressurised into taking part in activities / silly games - my advice to them is DON'T GO!

Not all stag dos are the same, agreed, some stag dos are fairly competitive, however this is just a byproduct of a group of highly competitive lads getting together.

Stag Party in a nightclub

As I mentioned, in recent years we have noticed a change in hotel and nightclub policy.

Certain hotels have introduced measures to stop the groups from misbehaving such as charging behavioural bonds on arrival. These bonds are usually a pre authorisation on a card/s which is refunded providing no damage or disruptions has been caused by any member of the group, a pretty savvy way of insuring against damage and bad behaviour.

Stag weekends are changing, more adventurous activities are now being booked, lavish weeks are being organised, plus with people getting married at an older age, groups are much more grown-up and different needs to just going out and getting bladdered.

The importance of your stag weekend...

As far as I am concerned, stag weekends will always exist in a certain capacity. Your interests will dictate how you celebrate your last days of freedom. Whether you're after an adventure weekend in North Wales or you decide to go horse racing at Ascot or a sun drenched break in Barcelona, you and your friends will always want to get away and enjoy an experience or three.

2 Bottles of beer cheers

Remember you will be celebrating with your best mates and unless your friends are a bucket load of complete numpties, you're going to have an amazing weekend.

One day you'll be knee deep in nappies, so experiencing life before then, and have great memories to reminisce on, this will make life more than bearable, take it from me!

Look, I am not saying once you're married your life is over, quite the contrary, you will have new and  incredible experiences, and if you decide to multiply, having kids for most, is the best thing you will ever do, however what I am saying, is; kiss goodbye to single life in the best way possible, with your best friends, somewhere new, enjoying experiences and having a right old laugh. This is why the humble stag do was invented.

YOLO - I am so street man!

Good luck.



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