World Cup Inspired Stag Do Activities


The world cup final is nearly here, England are in the Semis and hopefully tomorrow they will beat Croatia and book themselves into the final - I haven't felt this nervous about a semi since the last time I watched Brokeback Mountain!

With a record beating 20+ million people watching the last couple of England World Cup matches, football is well and truly in the blood of us Brits.

So below I have put together some obvious and not so obvious stag activities inspired by the World Cup:

5 A side
Obviously right? Well a lot of stag parties choose to book 5 a side football because not only is it very cheap but also a great winner with the average size of a stag group (average size of a stag group is 12 people) so 6 a side then!

There are loads of indoor and outdoor football astro turf pitches all over the UK, so where ever you choose to have your stag do I am pretty sure there will be one nearby.

man holding a football

Bubble Football
This is deranged 5 a side football where fouling is part of the game (so the Columbians will be happy!!) and keeping your balance while someone tries to bump you off your feet is key.

This is a very popular stag do activity and after the football you also play a few other games such as last man standing and British Bulldogs - fantastic!

Bubble football

Foot what? Foot Golf, are you taking the mickey? How you suppose to kick a small golf ball or get a football into the tiny cup?

OK, OK, don't be a massive plonker, first of all you don't kick a golf ball as that would be ridiculous and the cup is actually larger than the football, obviously.

The idea of Golf is the same, you just use a football and your kicking skills rather than a golf ball and a club, it's great fun and less energetic than football, which may be a god send after last night's antics!


Beer Tasting
Nothing, I mean nothing, goes better with a World Cup football match than a pint of beer, so my next stag do activity is testing your tastebuds, helping you select the right beer for the match.

Just to let you know pints of beer are not for throwing in the air when England score, contrary to what you see on the news (looks fun though!).

Beer tasting with food is one of the DesignaVenture's most popular non active stag activities and brings the whole group together over tasting challenges and beer quizzes.

Available throughout the country including: Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cheltenham, Gloucester, London, Southampton +

6 beers ready to taste

Human Table Football
Just like a table football in the UK or Foosball in the states, this is a large table football pitch where you are Velcro'd onto the horizontal poles and where can only move side to side.

Human Table Football is a right laugh and very competitive so no spinning!

human table football

Shock Football
When you take a shot, pass the ball or even receive the ball, watch out, you're going to get a shock of your life!

Even when you're expecting it, it's still incredibly funny and don't worry, it doesn't hurt... that much!

Good luck and c-mon England!



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