Hangover Cures For Your Stag Do

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If you can't do the time, don't do the crime and I suppose that may also apply to drinking a VAT load of booze on a stag weekend however, that doesn't make things easier, your head won't bang any less thinking, "well I'm the only one to blame here", so with that in mind, let's find some cures to make life a little easier on that fateful Sunday morning!

Keep Hydrated

Seriously, it's so easy and free! One of the main reasons why you have such a bad head is your body has pee'd out most of your bodily fluids - did you know that drinking 200ml of say a 4 or 5% lager, your body will urinate 320ml, that's 120ml of fluids you are down on half a pint.

So if you haven't remembered to drink a ruck load of water before hitting the sac then when you wake up drink at least a litre of water (slowly), get your fluids back up to normal levels, that should help alleviate some of the pain.


According to Dena Davidson a Ph.D professor from Indiana University School of Medicine, the best tablets are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Naproxen. The best way to wash your tablet/s down is with grapefruit juice recommended by the nutritionist Hannah Richards, apparently Grapefruit limits the enzyme that breaks down drugs.


Hair of the dog

Really... More booze, is that a recommendation? According to Wikipedia this old saying - "Hair of the dog" comes from Scotland and the true meaning is;

If you've been bitten by a dog, get some hair from that dog and put it on the wound as treatment! I have two issues with this:

  1. If a dog has bitten you, don't go back and try and get some hair from it, as you're going to need some more hair from it!
  2. Really?
So, with this in mind, I would probably say having another drink in the morning isn't a good hangover cure, it may sweep it under the carpet for an hour or two however, your hangover will be back with a vengeance, a bit like that rabid dog when you try to nick some of his fur!

a dog with a lead in it's mouth asking it's owner for a walk who's lying on a red sofa

Liver Salts / Dehydration Sachet

Liver Salts or dehydration sachets, one the night before and one in the morning will make your hangover a breeze, as your replacing much needed fluids - dehydration sachets are the sachets you put in water after you've had the trots.

Sports / Hydration Drinks

Getting these types of fluids inside you is a great way to give you energy boost and replace some of those important bodily fluids you lost the night before.


I know you will feel like just staying in bed or not moving from a comfy sofa however if you start moving around, life will start to feel better. I am not talking about going for a 10 mile run or benching 50kgs, I suggesting a nice long walk in the fresh air with a huge of bottle of water.

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Water Based Activity

As you may be on a stag do, booking a water based activity for the Sunday is a fantastic ideas, white water rafting, canyoning or coasteering, all of these activities will get the adrenalin flowing and the cold water will bring you round in a flash.


Yep, having a romp (a bit 80s) can make you feel happier, releasing endorphins and making your day a lot more proactive - this hasn't been proven but common sense says if your happier your hangover won't be half as bad.


Please note; I AM NOT A DOCTOR, all of the above recommendations are either taken from my own personal experience or from trusted websites and magazines - you decide what suits you best and always read the label before taking anything.

If you have any recommendations please feel free to leave them below in the comments box. 

If you would prefer to fill your stag weekend with activities and leave the boozing for the night time, then head over to our stag do section of our website for packages, activities and loads of great ideas.

Good luck



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