Stag Do Outfits - Dress Your Stag Up!

Stag putting on his outfit

Dolly likes to be dressed up and funny enough so does the stag on his stag weekend, SO, make sure he stands out like a fart in a lift with one or more of these fantastic ideas...

Stag Do Favourite - The Bride (Wedding Dress)

Dressing up your best mate as a woman may have been in one of your sick and perverted dreams however, now you have a chance to really stitching him up by sticking a wedding dress on him. Just take a trip to the local charity shop, pick one in his size and you're good as golden.

Popular, weird and repulsive stag do outfit ideas

Morph Suit

If you are unsure what a Morph suit is or what it looks like, it's basically one piece of Spandex shaped like a human which fits your whole body including your head, like a glove.

These days Morph Suits aren't just one colour, they have other designs including dinner suits, super heroes (such as Spiderman or Deadpool), Sumos etc.

Morph Suit or Mankini


I am so sorry to all stags to actually even put this in my list of ideas however, The Mankini makes the stag look an absolute stunner/minger (cross out which one you think). Banned in Newquay, Benidorm and Blackpool with further popular stag do destinations to follow, if I'm honest it's not the best idea however it's the one which will really embarrass him so it's down to, how far you want to go.

Fancy Dress of Some Sort

He can be a piece of fruit, cheese or vegetable, he can even be a hula girl or willy man, whatever you think is most appropriate, dress him up and make him look a total inept pleb.

Cheese, Flamingo or Jockey Outfits

Take a theme from his weird tastes or hobbies, my mate loved eggs, every time he went out for a meal it had to include eggs so we obviously dressed him up as a chicken!

WillyMan, Hula Girl or 80s Outfits

A Giant Penis

I know that's you nickname for him, so why not make him walk around in a giant penis costume? He will certainly stick out like a sore... ummm giant penis and golly just think of the pictures you could stick up on Instagram.

Giant Penis costumes are available from Amazon, Ebay or just search on Google, but be careful how you search this costume on Google!

Altogether Now

Why not share the Stag's embarrassment and all of you get dress up, theme it, for example:

  • Minions and the stag as Gru 
  • Smurfs and the stag as Papa Smurf
  • Snow White and the seven Dwarfs 
  • Doctors and the very randy/bearded nurse!
The only thing keeping you back is your imagination.

Word of Warning

If you intend to go out at night with the stag all dressed up, make sure that the venues that you're booked into or intend to visit know what he or all of you are wearing, as you don't want to be turned away on the night.

Also try and be respectful to other people and families, it's one thing having a laugh it's another exposing yourself and getting arrested.

If you haven't booked your stag weekend yet head over to the DesignaVenture stag do section of the website for fantastic ideas, packages, activities and more info.

Good luck and have loads of fun!



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