7 Deadly Stag Do Sins

A devils shadow overlooking the best man crouching down

You look forward to your stag do for what can sometimes feel like an eternity only for something to go wrong and put a dampener on the weekend.

So here at DesignaVenture HQ we have put together 7 Deadly Stag Do Sins to look out for and fix / sort before they happen.

1. Forgetting The Stag

Would you believe this happens a fair amount, where the best man / stag do organiser forgets to include the stag in the list and calls up frantically 2 days before they're meant to go to try and book him on.

Maybe because you've booked with DesignaVenture and got the stag goes for free offer, you still need to include him in your overall group size.

Sin To Avoid: Don't forget to include the stag in your numbers

The stag been left at the bar

2. Paying For Nothing

You are the best man and the stag has given you a list of names who he wants to invite, half of these people you don't know.

But you're the best man and you feel responsible for arranging the greatest stag weekend ever, your goodwill and judgement may be cloudy, and you decide to pay for everyone and hope they'll pay you back.

This is a rocky road people (and I don't mean a biscuit with marshmallows and raisins), if you don't know half the people or don't trust some people, get them to pay for themselves otherwise you'll end up footing the bill for people that just don't turn up, and that's not a good look unless your Richard Branson and even he wouldn't do that!

Sin To Avoid: Don't pay for anyone you don't know or trust, they are more likely to turn up if they have financially committed.

3. All Dress Up - Nowhere To Go

Stag Party dressed up in funny suits in Prague

When booking the stag do you decide to leave the nightlife to chance, with the attitude that we'll get in somewhere.

To be honest your 15 strong stag party will not be happy on the night if most the decent bars and clubs are full and there's no Plan B.

Have a nighttime Plan A & B so there is somewhere for the boys to party, otherwise you will have some very unhappy chappies.

Sin To Avoid: Don't leave it to chance, pre-book entry into bars and clubs even if you don't use them, it's called Plan B

4. It's A Hen Party Then

If you decide on having a joint hen and stag party, that's fair enough however, if you accidentally book the same destination as the hen party, on the same weekend then that's a deadly sin, especially when the stag wants his last weekend as a free man, don't forget the hen will want her last night of freedom to.

Sin To Avoid: Liaise with the hen party and avoid booking the same destination

5. Causing Trouble At 30,000ft

I don't want to scaremonger however, in 2018 was the year with the highest number of stag parties that have simply been refused at the gate or kicked off the flight mid journey.

No stag weekend and a price to pay at an unknown airport! Now that would be a kick in the proverbials.

Sin To Avoid: Don't get mullered at the airport before getting on the plane

6. Being A Blabber-Mouth

Man with parcel tape over his mouth with the DesignaVenture target logo

Mum's the word, I am not talking about the old lady stripper you got as a stag do prank, I am talking about keeping it schtum, underground, back room, on the QT....

Don't tell anyone what you got up to, many weddings have been tarred by hearsay, gossip and Chinese Whispers.

Sin To Avoid: What Goes On Tour, Stays On Tour - don't refrain from this rule

7. Permanent Pranks

Stag Do Pranks are loads of fun and are part and parcel of a stag weekend however, things can turn pretty ugly if the Groom turns up on his wedding day showing permanent damage.

I've heard of best men being banned from the wedding for stag do antics which have got out of control - you're supposed to be looking after him!

Sin To Avoid: No tatts, shaving or scaring

These words of wisdom shouldn't be taken lightly, make sure the stag weekend is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Good luck



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