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Quad biking going over a jump

Believe or not the humble quad bike is one of the most popular stag do activities in the UK, stags love the quad bike because they're easy to drive (no gears to dick around with) and are so versatile you could practically drop them in a lake and drive out, although I wouldn't recommend it, I was just trying to point out how versatile they are, so please don't drop one in a lake, that would be stupid.

So, if you're looking to do quad biking on your stag do in the UK, here are the top 5 destinations I think have the best quad biking sites, in no particular.


Oh my, Newquay has the best quad biking race track, it's immense. Established in 1979, yes 1979, they have improved and improved the track until it's crazy, fast and more thrilling than a bungee jump off Big Ben.

There have jumps, chicanes, adverse chambers, straights and bends on a 1.2km track and if that isn't good enough for you, they have over 50 quad bikes to keep even the largest stag group happy.

Details and prices

North Wales / Shropshire Borders

As well as Rage Buggies, paintball archery and laser clay pigeon shooting all being on this site, this fantastic quad biking site on the North Wales / Shropshire Borders started predominantly as a quad biking trek way back in the early 1990s.

This site has grown and added more activities however if you love quad biking and messing around on a quad bike, this site gives you loads of drive time plus lots of hair raising moments.

After you've got use to the bike and travelled over miles of fields and woodland, it's time to tackle the big mountain, this is where you get doubtful in your quad biking ability. But you shouldn't, like I said, these bikes are extremely versatile and can handle any type of terrain and you'll be at the top taking selfies before you know it!

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With over 40 quad bikes and boasting 20 miles of extreme track, something tells me you are not leaving this site without becoming a little lighter and with a huge smile on your face, a bit like the lap dancing club later!

This quad biking site in Bournemouth is the only one in the UK with a 45-degree chicane and a 30 metre ski jump drop and if that's not enough there are mile upon mile of flat terrain where you can just pummel the bike flat out.

Bournemouth is a great stag do destination, add this activity and you have yourself an incredible stag weekend.

Quad biking details and prices for Bournemouth


Nothing says danger more than when you're quad biking and you have trees to contend with, so when I went quad biking around this 80 acre woodland in Edinburgh I had more than just white knuckles at the end of it.

This is no nature trail and once you've got the knack of the bike, you'll be whizzing through the woodland over humps, bumps and narrow tracks at stupid speed thinking that tree looks close.  1 hour and 30 minutes later when you finally get off the bike you will feel you've been through the mill, but you will have had, the most amazing quad biking experience ever!

Edinburgh quad biking details and prices


This is a real gem of an activity site and not only do you have a fantastic quad biking racing track to race around you also have loads of other fantastic activities to add at a fraction of the cost, for example to add another activity such as Rage Buggies or Clay Pigeon shooting would not break the bank.

However, let's not detract from the quad biking as this site has straights, jumps, chicanes, and bends and is proper off road to give you the thrill of the slide. This site also uses the powerful 200cc Polaris fully automatic quad bike, which will give you the confidence to really belt around this amazing 450 metre racing track.

Bristol quad biking prices + other activities

Wherever and whatever you do....

Good luck.



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