Stag Do Destination Guide: Prague

Prague is an incredible stag do destination, a party capital, a European city so lively that the Rolling Stones loved it! True Story: The Rolling Stones paid their stage lighting technician £32,000 to light up the Castle, so they could see it whilst partying at night.

Crazily Pointless Facts About Prague
  • Average Temperature: June 23c | July 26c | August 25c
  • Rainfall: 493mm per year
  • Population: 1.3 million
  • Above Sea Level: 202 metres
  • Castle fact: Prague has the largest castle in the world according to the Guinness Book Of Records.
  • Beer: Per capita, Prague locals drink more beer then anywhere else in the whole world, I told you you're for a party

Quick postcode lesson:
There are 10 districts to Prague all numbered; Prague 1 (central), Prague 2, Prague 3 etc. as shown here - that's it lesson over, now that wasn't painful was it! When booking your accommodation Prague 1 is the best place to be, however there is a very good tram service which goes from 4:30am to midnight, a day's pass costs around £3.00 and it covers the majority of the city.

So what makes Prague appealing to British stag parties?

Prague is a very liberal city, full of beautiful ladies and unconfined nightlife, making it in my mind a perfect stag do destination, similar in a way, to Amsterdam, however it's cheaper.

DesignaVenture has lots of stag do packages in Prague with or without flights.

Beer is cheap

First of all it's cheap, if you drink in the right places you can get a pint for around £1.50, go to the Irish or posh bars you'll pay closer to British beer prices or more, so head to the old town or local bars and your beer will cost you a fraction of the price.

Nightlife is incredible

There are more clubs than you can imagine, clubs for every taste from live rock bands (Lucerna Music Bar, Klub 007 etc.), 80s music (Cafe 80s) to brilliant popular clubs including Duplex in Wenceslas Square, One Club Prague in the old town and Sasazu, an incredible house music club in Prague 7.

Prague is also home to the largest nightclub in mainland Europe called Karlovy Lazne, 5 floors of incredible beats, bars and beautiful ladies - it's situated in the centre of Prague, 40 metres from Charles Bridge.

There are literally too many bars to mention, all within easy walking distance of Prague 1. In my mind the best way to explore the bars and clubs is to get a guide for your first night. DesignaVenture's guided bar and club tours in Prague are great value for money where you're guided by female guides who know Prague like the back of their hand.

Top Tip: Book a guided bar / club tour for your first night, quiz your guide for on where to go and then all your other nights you won't waste time checking out bad bars or clubs.

Prague is also home to an Ice Pub called Ice Pub Prague, I think they got the name right, if you've never been to an ice bar or pub before, it's basically a bar where everything is made of ice, from the bar itself to the seats, sculptures and the glass that you have your beer in.


There are loads of fantastic restaurants in the centre of Prague, serving up an array of international cuisine from Brazilian BBQ houses to amazing local Czech restaurants serving up delicacies such as Pork knee, if you haven't tried it, don't knock it it's like Ham Hock!

Again depending on where you dine, eating out is fairly cheap however there are some really top notch restaurants in Prague, did you know that Prague was the first post communist country to get a Michelin Star restaurant? Well you do now.

Activity Ideas To Do In The Day

As Prague is such a popular stag destination the amount of stag activities available is incredible, from shooting AK47s, mini tank driving, car smash to bubble football, sky diving and Escape room, basically you name it Prague would probably do it.

You can find a full list of DesignaVenture's Prague stag do ideas and activities on their website, you can either build your own stag weekend with our tool or pick a popular package or activity.


I found a place where you can actually have a bath in beer and drink as many pints as you like - not my cup of tea as large groups have to share beer tubs, umm no thanks! The place is aptly named Beer Spa.

If you just want to go for a walk to explore this amazing city, you can always go and see the largest castle in the world or take a walk over Charles Bridge (which apparently is haunted). Prague is also home to one of the narrowest streets in the world at just 50cm wide, it has pedestrian traffic lights so there is not head on pedestrian smashes in the middle.

And then there is the famous Astronomical Clock Tower in the centre of the old town, a must see even if it is between bars.


Prague uses Czech Crowns which there are roughly (at time of post) 29 Czech Crown to the pound sterling.

Prague is a brilliant stag destination and if you haven't been, you have to go!

Good luck



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