Stag Do Hacks

Stag Party clinking beer bottles

Life hacks are all the rage these days; from lifting ink stains with WD-40 to making a family sized trampoline with tarpaulin and elastic bands (I made that one up), so let's check out some stag do hacks which will actually help you organise a brilliant stag weekend.


Set up a WhatsApp group and communicate with the attendees, that way you'll get the general consensus of what they are willing to pay and where they want to go.

Don't allow your inbox to become a snub-machine gun target by your group snubbing the stag weekend you've organised - always communicate with as many people as possible gauging budgets, destinations and activities the group will want. That way you'll organise a stag do your group wants.

Beat dirty airline tricks
If you're in charge of booking the flights for the group or even some of the group, some if not all airlines will know what you are searching for and can sneakily put their prices up when you go back to book it, so always search for your flights with your private browsing switched on.

Winter stag do activities
If you're booking activities in the winter months try and book indoor activities or activities which the weather can't spoil. For example; Indoor Karting instead of outdoor go-karting which on a wet day could get cancelled, urban indoor paintball rather than outdoor woodlands paintball (rarely gets cancelled, but close quarter battles is so much fun!).


Suitcases, loads of them

Smell nice
Want your clothes smelling nice when you arrive at your stag destination? When packing stick in one of those fragranced tumble dryer sheets and then your t-shirts won't smell like your socks.

Save money on hold luggage
Hold luggage can cost an absolute fortune, adding an extra £50 to your flight bill, so if your notorious for packing loads of clothes but don't want to pay for the privilege of taking a suitcase, then roll your clothes in your carry on bag, you'll fit more in and as an added bonus, roll them nicely and they won't crease, I knew reading that good housekeeping magazine would come in handy!

On Tour

Stag Party On Tour in Prague

Don't get lost
When arriving at your hotel and you're a stranger in a new city especially abroad, grab a hotel card and stick it in your wallet or pocket, that way if things get messy you know where you're bed is - you can get in a cab and just give them your card, what language barrier?

Get to know the best bars
Book your guided bar tour on your first night and then use your knowledge from your guide for all your other nights.

Rounds, rounds, rounds
Stag Kitty is a huge stag do hack, everyone sticks in money at the start of the night and then the stag kitty pays for all the rounds, food, entry charges etc. that way no one will be out of pocket.

Mobile free zone
Keep it social and have a no phone rule in restaurants and bars, then you don't have people sloping off or unwanted images turning up on Instagram.

Whatever you get up to, have a good one!

Good luck


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