Dream Stag Weekends Abroad (If Money Was No Object)

Stag Do Getting on a  Private Jet

For me, there are two destinations in the world which every stag party must visit if you have the dollar, and that's Las Vegas, USA and Bangkok, Thailand, OK, OK, it's starting to turn into a Hangover movie, but they have featured the best places in the world to party so it makes sense?

Private Jet to these destinations would be a bit of a nightmare as you'd be stopping every 3 hours to refuel, so assume it's business class with beds, bar and incredible food.

Top Tip: Book Emirates (Thailand) or Virgin (Las Vegas) for a in-flight stand up bar experience.

Las Vegas

First and foremost Las Vegas just never sleeps and has the best pool parties in the day and incredible nightlife by umm night, so is a stag do heaven.

Las Vegas Collage

Head to Fremont Street to an experience of a lifetime.. Brilliant Bars, restaurants, a zip wire even goes down the middle of the street! Eat at the massive All You Can Eat grill, get whipped by sexy street performers or take in a live band at one of the many bars along this crazy street. It's also all pedestrianised so it's a great place to just hang out and party.

As Las Vegas never sleeps, neither should you, so head out to a pool party, hire a VIP section and party and chill all at the same time, with the best DJs playing an incredible soundtrack to your weekend.

If you would prefer something a bit more crazy and totally unique you need to book the Air Combat Missions which is basically your stag party, flying in proper fighter jets having a dog fight, however you can't use real bullets as this is deemed as "too dangerous". So laser guided guns will be used and if you manage to hit the plane in front, it blows smoke out it's rear, now that's really clever!

Best hotels to stay in Las Vegas are The Cosmopolitan, the infamous Caesars Palace or the Pink Flamingo hotel which is more famous than high quality.


Bangkok is a brilliant stag destination, but you wouldn't want to stay there for the whole of the stag do as I'm guessing you'll be going for longer than a weekend. So twin centre your stag do with 3 nights in Bangkok and 4 nights in Pattaya.

Bangkok Collage

You will party in Bangkok like you've never partied before, basically anything goes, head to the Sukhumvit which is Bangkok's largest and liveliest areas to visit. It's basically a 10km street and along this street you will find "party plazas" such as Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, these Plazas are where you can Eat, Drink, Rave Repeat, in my mind Bangkok is livelier than Vegas.

Incredible hotels include The Mandarin Oriental, Aloft, The Hyatt Erawan, Dream Hotel, Compass Skyview, W Hotel and the Novotel Fenix, just so you know, the Novotels are nothing like the Novotels you get over here. However whichever hotel you stay at you will be treated like kings.

Once you have finished with Bangkok or Bangkok has finished you you'll need to head to the beach for a rest. Pattaya is the best place for lively nights and very chilled out days. With a great beach, a very warm sea and brilliant nightlife this is a brilliant place to end the stag weekend of all weekends.

Top Tip: Thai girls are very friendly, so if you do get friendly with one don't tell her where you are staying or going as she's likely to follow!

Prague By Private Jet

If you need to stick to Europe and don't fancy a longhaul flight, then I think travelling by private jet to Europe's Sin City, Prague, should be your location of choice.

Choose from tons of brilliant activities day and night plus fantastic 4 and 5 star luxury hotels in the city centre, you then, have yourself a prestigious stag do.

From tank driving, stag do pranks, car smash, shooting AK47s to some of the best guided bar crawls in Europe, Prague is a true party capital with incredible nightclubs, fantastic lap dancing clubs and more lively bars then you can manage in a weekend.

For a touch of top notch luxury, hotels you'll want to be staying in include Four Seasons or The Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa.

You don't want normal airport transfers, you'll need Humers with strippers which will cart you around all weekend, I am not sure if the strippers will be in the Hummer 24/7 however I am sure that could be arranged!

Wake your stag up every morning with a Wake Up Stripper, get him involved in Jelly wrestling with umm strippers and get him arrested by umm strippers, see I told you this is Europe's sin city!

Stag Party in a Prague Lap Dancing club

Mount Kilimanjaro For Charity

Now, this is just a curve ball however as you're so rich you can go to any of these destinations whenever you want, but how about a charity stag do, giving something back to society and climbing the highest Mountain in Africa getting sponsored and becoming a hero.

Mount Kilimanjaro Collage

It takes 7 days to do the climb which includes a couple acclimatisation days, you then shouldn't get altitude sickness, well it is 5,895 metres above sea level (almost 6km).

You won't be staying in luxury accommodation however you will have sherpas carrying your bags doing all the heavy lifting and basically saving your stag party's lives. An epic stag do, with an equally epic memory to take into your days of nappies and monogamy. 

Check out how you can book this amazing stag do for charity here.

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Whatever you do, good luck.



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