Dream Stag Weekends In The UK (If Money Was No Object)

We all love a dream list, if money was no object type of scenario.

I'm sure you've won the lottery in your head and worked out where that £30 million would go, we all have, so I have put together some dream stag weekends which after looking into to it isn't as expensive as I thought it would be!

Party In Style

The Royal Mile, Grassmarkets, The West End and also the streets off Princes street all have fantastic bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants making Edinburgh one of the best places to party in the UK.

First of all you'll need to fly into Edinburgh, which would be more desirable than sitting on the M1 in queues of traffic. If you have a group of 8 or less hire a Learjet and fly into Edinburgh in real style in your own private jet.

You'll need to arrive early morning into Edinburgh airport sop you can be whisked off to the highlands (roughly, hour and a half) in an executive coach which has a waitress, kitchen, toilet and an incredible sound system.

You will then get into a raft and raft down the best white water rafting route found anywhere in the UK. After having a hot shower and getting dressing your then provided with a hot lunch at a pub on the River Tay before your Clay Pigeon Shooting competition, well it is a Gentleman's game. You're then transferred back to the capital to check into one of the most prestigious hotels in Edinburgh.

Staying at The Balmoral, the address is Number 1 Princes Street so has the most sort after address giving it the best location in Edinburgh you can expect incredible rooms, a spa and a Michelin Star restaurant.

The Balmoral also has 168 bedrooms so even with a bedroom each, it can cater for the largest of stag parties.

Friday night is curry night, a short 4 minute walk will get you to Dishoon on St Andrew's square, a brilliant high quality Indian restaurant. Now I am not here to tell you how to plan your night out as Edinburgh has some of the best bars and clubs found anywhere in the world and the Scottish love to party, so you're in good hands.

Saturday means a lazy brunch before your take the short walk to The Whisky Heritage Centre for a Platinum tour and tasting, this has to be done and you'll be amazed at how much goes into making Whisky. 

Then it's back to your hotel for a trip into the Scotch Bar to go on a journey and taste rare and old Whiskies. Practicing the new skills just learnt from your tour you'll be tasting drams taken from limited edition bottles and closed distilleries.

Everyone's dream stag night out is different so what I would recommend may not be your cup of tea, so take with a pinch of salt.

Meet in the Brasserie Prince Bar (your hotel bar) before making your way to Tom Kitchin's restaurant named aptly The Kitchin, he's lucky to have such a themed surname! Enjoy an incredible tasting menu made from fresh natural ingredients from Scotland.

Then after a couple of drinks in bars leading up to the Cabaret Voltaire, a reserved booth awaits where you can all enjoy incredible DJs and drink until the wee hours.

Flight home on Sunday.

Guestamate amount with normal flights such as BA, Easyjet etc. in excess of £2,900.00 per person*
With Private Jet approx. £4,500.00 per person*

Incredibly Relaxing Weekend (With A Night Time Option)

If you're looking for a stag weekend in the land of luxury at one of the best hotels in the South East then you wouldn't be disappointed with Coworth Park in Ascot. This is where Prince Harry stayed the night before his wedding.

Expect an incredible Michelin Star restaurant, an amazing relaxing and big enough to take your large group, Spa and bedrooms with B&O TV's, mini bars that would bankrupt you and beds so comfortable they'd cure your hangover.

Coworth Park also sits in huge grounds that hold Polo matches so finding room to add some outside activities to your stag weekend would not be an issue. Clay Pigeon shooting, Horse Riding Lessons, Archery, Crossbows. If money's no object I am sure anything could be arranged.

Optional extra would be to celebrate in style in the West End of London, private limos or executive busses would transfer you into Mayfair for a trip to a could of clubs before bringing you back for a nightcap at the bar.

Price for a weekend with food, drinks, spa treatment and an activity roughly £4,000 per person*, add the night time trip into London for an extra bag of sand (grand) which should cover travel expenses & drinks etc.

My Dream Stag Weekend In The UK

The UK has many Lavish houses with swimming pools that can be rented for 2 / 3 nights perfect for a stag weekend so I think this is what I would do, with 8 of my closest friends.

At a rented house with indoor swimming pool in the Oxfordshire area all weekend we would be served drinks by lap dancers, now, if you're thinking this is a bit immoral or smutty, how come it's OK for hen parties to book Butlers in the Buff to serve them all weekend, so don't judge.

In the evening our BBQ would be cooked by Raymond Blanc and if he can't do it, Rick Stein but I do feel no matter how much money you throw at them, they would turn the gig down. So perhaps get one of the chefs from the Webber Grill Academy to show us how to BBQ properly.

Talking of gigs, we would then retreat to the lounge where we'd be entertained by Romesh Ranganathan, I think he would be the only comedian who would tell us to f*ck off if we were being out of hand and would drink us under the table.

Costing? Impossible.

My next post will be - Dream Stag Weekends Abroad (If Money Was No Object), which includes Las Vegas (obviously), Thailand and Prague by Private Jet.

*Costing notes; based on having your own room in your hotel, I have also included £500 per night spending money and the flights from a main airport, however prices may and do vary.

If you would like a price on any of the above dream stag weekends get in contact with me and I will cost it out for you. 

For more brilliant stag weekend ideas in the UK, head over to the DesignaVenture stag do website.

Good luck.


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