Incredible Ideas For Your Stag Do Abroad

Man dressed up in a mexican fancy dress with pretend pistols

From the bizarre and unique to the amazing and incredible below you will find some weird and wonderful ideas for your stag do abroad.

On the DesignaVenture we obviously sell quad biking, paintball etc. however I wanted to show you what else is out there, what other amazing activities you can do on your stag do abroad to make it more than memorable.

Car Smash

Destroy a car with weapons including axes, sledge hammers and crowbars, really go to town smashing windows, puncturing doors and nuking the interior and the great thing is you won't get arrested afterwards!

Available in: Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam & Hamburg

Beer Bike

Why sight-see any other way, just think, beer in hand seeing all the incredible sights without having to follow an umbrella and you're burning calories to your own tunes (you do have to pedal a little).

Available in: Riga, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Munich, Bratislava & Hamburg

Stag Do Pranks

From getting the stag arrested to having a hotel maid wake the stag up with a strip show there are many different ways to stitch the stag up, one of my favourites is handcuffing him to a little person for the night, now that's a proper stag do prank!

Available in: Throughout Europe

a collage of activities available abroad

AK47 & Other Proper Gun Shooting Activities

Where in the UK can you pay to go and shoot a semi automatic weapon, I think you're looking at the phrase "aaah nowhere".  On the continent however, you can get your hands on powerful AK47s, pistols, revolvers etc in a safe environment. 

A stag do activity which is so loud it will scare the heebie jeebies out of you, so wear ear defenders (provided).

Available in: Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Hamburg, Krakow, Las Vegas, Prague, Riga and Tallinn

Guided Bar Tours

In my mind a Guided Bat tour is a must on any stag weekend abroad. It will give you bearings and your female guide will be able to give you advice on where to go on your other nights, so book it for your first night.

Available in: Throughout Europe

Olympic Bobsleigh

Hurtle down a track made out of ice at breakneck speeds reaching incredible speeds and feeling G-forces you have never felt before, unless you're an astronaut!

Available in: Riga


Jets of water propel you into the air giving you that "jetpack-feeling" of flying through the air and boy do you look cool. Get the hang of hovering or you'll be diving like Jacq Christo (famous scuba diver).

Available in: Amsterdam & Riga (more destinations to be added for 2019)

Rabid Dog Chase

Now if you're looking for adrenaline filled activity, being chased by a rabid dog who doesn't like your scent, not only will you run you're going to pap yourself. 

The worst thing is; you can't run very fast as you have so much protected clothing on. The good thing is; you have protective clothing on! 

Available in: Riga

Dog hanging off a man's protected arm

Prison Experience

Extreme night in a prison where you'll be treated like... well prisoners! You will undergo a full search, medical assessment and interrogation. Then explore this disused Russian Military base and get pushed around by the actual original prisoner guards. Sounds more like hell than a holiday, but some people like it and what an experience for the stag! You will also get a chance to have a few beers.

Available in: Riga

Whatever you decide to do, good luck!



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