Don't Blow Your Stag Do Budget

Stag Do Advice time now people, so best men, sit down, have a beer and take note, this post isn't meant to patronise you in anyway, but you'll be surprised how many best men fall into this trap.

One of the main jobs of being a best man is organising the stag do and every year DesignaVenture will help and coach best men into arranging the best weekend the groom will ever have.

Before you get on the stag weekend, there's the simple task of agreeing with the groom and maybe a few of the ushers some important details such as; date, duration, destination and and of course the budget.

Each year at the DesignaVenture towers we will always have the over zealous best man, let's call him Dangerous Dave.

Dangerous Dave is incredibly honoured to be the best man and loves his best mate, the groom (maybe a little more than the bride, which is slight awkward). His main aim is to go all out when booking the stag do.

When I say go all out I mean book everything and anything, thinking everyone else in the stag group has this same awe for the groom and will pay any amount of money just to go on his stag do.

Unfortunately no matter how much coaxing from the super friendly and helpful DesignaVenture team he will still book an extremely high priced stag do, and book it for 50 people, with the parting words of; "I could get 200 people to go if I wanted to, I've had to cull 150 from the list!"

Now I am not saying the DesignaVenture stag weekends are expensive, on the contrary we offer stag do packages and activities to suit all budgets and we have been told our stag weekend packages are extremely good value for money however, if you're going to go crazy and add every single activity possible to your stag weekend itinerary including loads of night time activities, meals and clubs plus activities for the Sunday*, there's no getting away from it, your overall per person price will be high.

On a stag weekend you will have a full spectrum of people, from the Groom's old mates from Uni or work to his close relatives and cousins and some of these people you won't know, so you'll need to get a good understanding from the groom on how much people will be willing to spend, he will know all these people better than anyone else and will know who he definitely wants to go on the stag weekend, perhaps he will have them in mind when setting the budget, destination etc.

We have a fantastic simple tool on the DesignaVenture website aptly name Build Your Own Stag Do. All you have to do is put in a rough idea of party size, date or month, destination and you will then be able to build your stag do.

You won't need to give us any of your personal details, just build your weekend, you can even add or take off activities/accommodation options and you'll get an instant price, I am not sure if any other stag companies let's you do that without giving them a load of details.

So, what happened to our fictitious Dangerous Dave?

It was just him and the stag in the end, he had to cancel 48 people off the stag weekend, he could of cancelled the whole lot however he was adamant the stag would love this weekend, I hope the stag is OK!**

So the moral of the story is don't price people off the booking, be aware of how much people will be willing to spend especially the Groom's most important friends.

*If you're going to party really hard for two nights the chances are on Sunday or your last day isn't a good day to book activities, as most of the guys won't get out of bed or will be too hungover. So save your money. This nugget of advice does depends on the type of stag do you're organising, all stag groups are different and if your stag is more relaxed and not so boozy then activities on the last day is a great departing memory.

**Based on a true story, names and details have been changed to protect the innocent!

Good luck



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