Stag Do Destination Guide: Bristol

If you've picked Bristol as the destination for your stag do then you need to give yourself a pat on the back my friend, as you've done extremely well.

Bristol is a brilliant stag do destination with incredible daytime activities and nightlife so good... you'll consider moving here with your family and taking residents. But first, let's see some very uninteresting facts:

Pointless Uninteresting (but secretly interesting) Facts About Bristol
  • Average Temperature: June 19ºC | July 22ºC | August 21ºC
  • Rainfall: 870mm per year
  • Population: 670,934 (est.)
  • Fact For Adventure: The Clifton Suspension bridge in 1979 was the first place in the world to witness someone Bungee Jumping, courtesy of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club.  
  • Pirate fact: Bristol was home to the most famous pirate, Blackbeard AKA Edward Teach.
  • Hot Air: Bristol is the world's biggest manufacturers of hot air balloons and there's a Hot Air Balloon Festival every August.
  • Home To A World Famous Artist: Banksy is from Bristol, however... is he? Well he is anonymous!

Bristol Bleeds Coolness & Chocolate

Well apart from the coolest artist in the world coming from Bristol (I think), liquid chocolate was also invented in Bristol by Joseph Fry.

In the past Bristol was chosen as a stag do destination because the groom was once at Bristol university, now you don't need that or reason excuse to come here on a stag weekend as it's stands up by itself and is a well worthy Top UK stag destination.

By day it has a fantastic vibe centred around it's young cafe culture, head to the harbour-side for restaurants, bars and cafes where you can sit outside and take in the urban waterside scenery. 

Alternatively explore the old part of Bristol city centre for lively sports bars, pubs, cheap eateries and cool restaurants.


However one thing Bristol does extremely well is it's depth of daytime activities, from shooting .22 Assault Rifles, racing Rage Buggies and thrashing about on Quad Bikes to taking your stag party on an It's A Knockout, Wipe Out or West Country Games event, there's also Turbo Cricket, Escape Rooms, more Bubble Football venues then you can shake a stick at, plus you have the usual suspects such as Paintball and Indoor Karting, the DesignaVenture website has tons more stag activities and ideas in Bristol.

Other daytime activities / things to do include; Afternoon Boat Cruise With Pub Tour, cocktail making or beer / cider tasting.


After the sun goes down Bristol turns into an legendary stag playground with more pubs and bars then you can possible imagine plus some fantastic clubs including SWX for the clubbers, Popworld for the nostalgic and Pryzm for the booths, drinks packages and choice of dance floors. Late night antics might include a trip to a lap dancing club and luckily there are two relatively close together giving you the option of a lap dancing crawl.

Where To Stay

Bristol has loads of city centre hotels which are high quality and cost half the price as similar hotels in London.

Last count there was 2 x Marriotts, 3 Hiltons, 2 Holiday Inns, 2 Premier Inns, umpteen Travelodges and loads of other hotels all showing good prices over weekends perfect for your stag do.

In my mind with less traffic and loads to do no wonder Bristol is much more popular for stag weekends than London.

If you would like more information on good quality low priced stag packages in Bristol or other things to do, get in touch - 01432 830000.

Good luck



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