15 Ideas For A Stag Do

Rage Buggies, Quad Biking & White water rafting

Strap yourself in, we're going to get through 15 ideas for a stag do quicker than Usain Bolt at a free chicken nuggets convention.

To view any of these activities with full descriptions destinations, and prices go to our stag do ideas page.

1. Dirt / Rage Buggies

Totally awesome, extremely fast and as agile as a panther these dirt buggies are fantastic to race and in my mind is one of the best stag activities you can do. They are rigid, have excellent handling and can accelerate so fast it will push you back into the bucket seat so you must have your wits about you.

Recommended for the petrol heads.

2. Quad Biking

Staying with the motorised theme (don't worry it's not all motorised), quad bikes are more versatile than a potato waffle (one for the 80s child), extreme climbs, steep downhills, rivers, brooks, mud whatever the terrain, your quad bike will eat it up.

All activity sites will offer either Trekking or Racing.

3. White Water Rafting

A brilliant hangover cure, one that is highly recommended by well me, I am no doctor however but white water rafting has sorted my hangover many a times. The adrenaline rush of pelting down a river getting absolutely drenched is so much fun, what headache!

Sites all over the UK and Europe

Whiskey Tasting, Horse Racing & Canyoning

4. A Day At The Races (Horse Racing)

There's is nothing more memorable than attending a decent horse racing event. Famous racecourses include Ascot, Newcastle, Nottingham and Newbury where you can attend, dress up and really get into the whole race day hoity-toity. Lots of hen parties also attend race events (we should know we sell loads of them) so you'll be in good company.

TIP: Ladies Day at most racecourse are great events to look out for.

5. Canyoning

Another awesome way to kill your hangover is to go canyoning, walk behind waterfalls, jump into deeps pools off high ledges, abseil across rivers and explore caves are just a number of adventurous activities you'll take part in whilst taking on this awesome stag do activity.

Perfect for the fearless

6. Whiskey Tasting

An activity perfect for a stag do especially if your on a weekend in Edinburgh. Learn how to recognise the various footnotes which gives you an idea on where and how it was made. A professional will show you how to taste whiskey instead of gulping it down.

Tip: Remember to drink plenty of water between snifters otherwise you'll be asleep by tea time!

Beer Bike, Bubble Football & Car Smash

7. Beer Bike

Keeping that boozy theme and why not you're on a stag weekend after all, the beer bike is exceptionally popular with stag groups heading to the continent. Popular stag destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Bratislava all offer wicked beer bike tour plus there is now one in Blackpool unfortunately on this one you'll have bring your own beer, typical UK!

Bring a smart phone with plenty of awesome music on so you can plug it in when your beer biking.

8. Bubble Football

An extremely popular stag do idea which has the makings of a fantastic memory for the stag, and that's what it's all about, right?

The only game of football you'll play where fouling is the main objective.

9. Car Smash

I mean c-mon, what's not to like, especially if you have a stressed out stag. Well, he may have to sort out the wedding so this could be the ideal activity.

Currently only available in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, & Prague.

Games, Spa Day & Zip Wire

10. The Games

We offer various games style stag do activities such as; It's a knockout, Wipe Out, West Country Games, Welsh Games, Roman Games, Cornish Games and we've now got Mersey Games. Loads of fun, which usually includes getting wet and plenty of foam.

Funnier than the stag being whipped by a man in drag. 

11. Spa Experience

Just because you're on a stag do it doesn't mean that every activity needs to be as manly as Ross Kemp, I bet he has a manicure from time to time. Book a spa experience and chill out with the guys.

Become more relaxed than a lab rat smoking doobies.

Zombies, Footgolf & Escape Room

12. Zip Wire Experience

In the UK we have some pretty awesome zip wires however none of them are more epic than the Zip Wire Velocity in Snowdonia, North Wales. You can expect 125mph of sheer delight as you hurtle down the longest zip line in Europe, did I mention it's the fastest zip line in the world?

Other Zip Wire Options are also available in North Wales.

13. Fighting Zombies

Once you were in your bedroom with your Playstation or Xbox shooting-up semi realistic Zombies on a TV screen, now you've grown up you can do it for real, well done for growing up!

More exciting than kissing your teacher at 15 years old.

14. Footgolf

A brilliant stag do activity which is equally great for the golfers and the footballers in the group, play up to 18 holes and get the football in the hole, luckily the holes have been widen to take a football as you may struggle.

A brilliant combination activity which is also great value for money.

15. Escape Room

His last "weekend of freedom" and you lock him and the stag group up in an Escape room, how ironic. Most escape rooms are in the middle of the city so an ideal break between drinking.

Why not just lock the stag inside an Escape room and watch him struggle to escape, possibly the best stag do prank ever!

Brilliant we got through it unscathed, whatever you choose to do on your stag weekend, have a good one.

Good luck.



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