Nightlife Advice For Your Stag Do

Your stag party, when turning up at a bar or nightclub can sometimes be made to feel like a fart in a space suit, so put your worries to bed and take onboard some of this advice making sure it doesn't happen on your stag weekend.

Your Names Not Down, You Ain't Coming In!

I am sure you have been there, you've turned up at a nightclub or popular bar only to be turned away by the door security as the establishment is full or "guest list only tonight lads". 

There's only one answer to this and that's to PRE-BOOK!

It's great that you're laid back and you'll take your chances on the night, however what if it goes wrong and you can't get in anywhere? You'll be all dressed up with nowhere to go and I promise you the lads won't be happy.

DesignaVenture have some brilliant unescorted stag do guest list passes all over the UK and Europe, booking one of these are an excellent Plan A or even Plan B. ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B!

If you prefer to be escorted around these bars and clubs by a Bar Crawl Babe or similar, we have some brilliant guided bar crawls on offer, again around the UK and beyond.

What can you pre-book?

That's a great question, here is a list of a few nightlife options which you can pre book via the DesignaVenture website or god forbid, direct, quick go and wash your mouth out with soap, how dare you book direct!

It's always best to have a nightclub sorted for the backend of the night, nightclubs these days offer pre book booths with drink packages and waiter service.

If you fancy a bar crawl there's no better option than to have a route in mind or let DesignaVenture sort it for you. Don't just turn up and expect bars and pubs to jump out at you, you could waste the best part of your night looking for the suitable drinking establishments.

This is an easy one, find out what type of cuisine the lads want (usually a curry) go on Tripadvisor and look for the best ones. That's what DesignaVenture have done, we've also visited most of our restaurants and ate there so we know the best places to eat for stag parties.

Gentleman's Clubs
OK, most stag parties eventually end up at a lap dancing club so rather than paying £20 per person on the door, DesignaVenture's average lap dancing club price pre booked is £5 per person!

A Night At The Dogs
A brilliant place to have a stag night, the thrills of dog racing is incredible. The race tracks have bars, restaurants and an EPIC atmosphere.

Fancy Dress Advice
If you are all going out dressing up as Frogs, Old Women, Golfers or even matching T-Shirts make sure you check with your venues to make sure they accept stag parties in fancy dress. Even go as far advising them on exactly what you're planning on wearing so there's no issues on the night, if you do book through DesignaVenture we will do all this for you.

Hard Sell Disclaimer
OK, I don't usually do the hard sell however I think the DesignaVenture nightlife options, ideas and activities are great value for money.

You can always find out most of the best places to go out in your chosen stag weekend destination by searching for them online alternatively if you don't have the time, patience or inclination it's simple, use DesignaVenture.

Whatever you do on your stag do, have a good one!

Good luck!


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