Stag Do Ideas For The Year 2020

Stag Do Ideas 2020

2020, what a year to get married, and what a year to have a stag do! There are just so many options, activities, packages and ideas on offer you'll need the whole year off not a weekend!

Well don't worry best-men and grooms of Britain the DesignaVenture Stag Do Blog is here to help. We have more stag do ideas than you could ever imagine, and I know you have a vivid imagination!

If you're the best-man let us help you organise the best stag weekend your best mate has ever had, propelling you into legendary status, if your the groom share this post with your best-man he needs all the help he can get.

Let's start with the action packed

From Shooting Zombies to racing fully prepared Dodgem Racing Cars there are so many activities you can now book for an Epic stag weekend.

Race Rage Buggies which can hit 60mph, prefer to go faster? How about racing down the fastest Zip Wire in the world reaching speeds of up 125mph and guess what, it's in North Wales!

If you want to get really muddy one of the most popular activities is Quad Biking, most of the DesignaVenture quad biking sites offer full on mammoth treks or racing your fellow stag party goers around a fully prepared race track with humps, bumps, chicanes and straights.

In my mind one of the best quad biking sites to race around is just outside Newquay, where you can get air between the ground and your quad bike wheels, if you have the balls that is.

Prefer to spectate?

Horse Racing, Dog Racing & F1

There's no better sport to spectate than Horse Racing, especially if you have a sneaky bet or two on it. Head to Ascot, Newbury, Newcastle, Nottingham, Cheltenham or Aintree for the best atmosphere, we always recommend ladies day!

Similarly add a night at the Dogs on to your stag do for a bit of Greyhound Racing, a great Friday night ice breaker.

The F1 is another great event to visit and it's actually cheaper to attend an event on mainland Europe than it is in the UK, head over to Barcelona and enjoy the full three days, from qualifying to the grand event on the Sunday.

Hitting the target

If your stag loves to shoot targets whether it's on a games console or the real thing then there are so many shooting activities you can include on his stag weekend.

Shooting Clays out of the sky to massacring Zombie style manikins using .22 assault rifles, the UK has quite a few brilliant shooting style stag do activities.

However, head over to the Old Russian block stag destinations such as Prague, Bratislava or Riga for the best shooting activities which include shooting AK47s and other infamous handguns. Just so you know sticking the AK47 into automatic is pretty awesome!

Water Great Time!

Coasteering, Canyoning & White Water Rafting

Apologies for the terrible pun, water always plays a huge part in popular stag activities especially when the activities include plenty of danger like White Water Rafting, Canyoning or Coasteering. These activities are what's known in the DesignaVenture office as "The Hangover Activities", believed to get rid of ugly hangovers and gives your group a natural high for the rest of the day, I wrote a post on this the other day.

Other activities that include water are surfing in Newquay Cornwall, Cardboard Boat Challenge in Reading and "The Games" type of activities such as It's a Knockout, Wipe Out, West Country Games etc.


Who says a stag weekend has to be full on or involves you getting muddier than a pig farmer, chill out on a Spa Day or go Beer, Whisky, Wine or Cider Tasting (not all on the same day - drink responsibly people!). There are also plenty of chilled out stag do activities which are loads of fun, we have loads of stag do ideas on our website - check them out for realtime prices and full descriptions.

Whatever you do, good luck!



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