Cheap Stag Do Ideas

4 cheap stag do ideas

Sometime an all day drinking session on a stag do can be a bit of a nightmare, lads peaking too soon and losing some of the group by 4pm can put a downer on the stag weekend. So, to combat the "peak too soon culture" I have compiled some cheap stag do ideas which won't break the budget and keep the lads sober until at least mid afternoon!

For up to date prices and further details on any of the activities below go to our stag do ideas section of the DesignaVenture website.


5 A-Side-Football
We're not talking about jumpers for goalposts here, we're talking about professional venues with showers, 365 pitches, ball hire and god-forbid a lot of the venues have bars!

Why 5 a side: 5 A-side-football is a great choice for the stap party who love more than just a kick around.

If some of the group like football and others prefer golf, what a perfect stag activity. It combines the beautiful game with the composure of golf.

You kick off from the tee with the aim of getting it in the hole in the least amount of kicks as possible. Luckily the holes have been enlarged to take a football otherwise it'll be very tricky.

Why Footgolf: Around the world footgolf is becoming quite a popular sport in it's own right, and has also become quite a popular stag do activity.

The stag do "go-to" activity when your stuck on what to book. Paintball is a brilliantly exciting activity and if you've spent hours playing "Call Of Duty", strategies and know how will be second nature.

Why Paintball: It will get your whole stag group battling at the same time, a good ice breaker for some of the guys who don't know each other.


Bubble Football
Football where the main aim is to foul... where do I sign, even if Luis Suarez is playing, he'd struggle to bite his way through these amazing bubble suits.

Bubble football is an amazing stag activity and once you've decided you've had enough of the football you can play Last-Man Standing and British Bulldogs.

Why Bubble Football: A brilliant stag activity where everyone in the group can get involved and is hysterically funny.

Escape Room
Your stag's last days of freedom and you decide to lock him up! Escape room is becoming ever more popular with stag parties. Choose your theme and work out how to crack the code so you can beat the clock and escape your prison before 60 minutes is up.

Of course if you don't crack the code they'll let you out, but shame on you!

Why Escape Room: Perfect for the stag party looking to use their brains.

Turbo Cricket
Like Bubble Football, we provide the venue and all the gear all you have to do is turn up and play. If your stag loves cricket then spoil him and book this Turbo Cricket it's faster than 2020 cricket and you don't have the faff of pads and jock straps etc.

Why Turbo Cricket: If the majority of your group love Cricket then this Cheap stag do activity is a no brainer.

Shock Football
Another football themed stag activity where this time pain is inflicted on you when you have the ball, can you keep dribbling and stick in the back of the net or will you collapse and lie there in a dribbling mess.

Why Shock Football: A great stag activity if you've never done it before, you'll be laughing until you get zapped!

Deep Sea Fishing
Available in Newquay and is currently just under the £30, Deep Sea Fishing is a great stag activity, perfect for a chilled out experience. Take a couple of tinnies and the skipper will provide you with everything else you need including tacking and bait.

Why Deep Sea Fishing: Perfect for the groom to be who loves to fish, an experience your stag will always remember and that's the whole point isn't it?


Horse Racing Tickets
An extremely popular choice for stag and hen parties is a trip to the races, dress up have a few beers and watch your winning ticket flyby (hopefully). We always recommend ladies day for the atmosphere and the fine follies walking around in huge hats, life couldn't be better!

Why Horse Racing: A memorable event with all the excitement and merriment thrown in, the perfect stag do activity, surely. 

Life Drawing
A beautiful model will undress in front of your very eyes and get herself into a comfortable position, will you have lead in your pencil and create a masterpiece or will your drawing be an embarrassment, mine would definitely be the latter!

Why Life Drawing: A great curveball stag activity, great for the groom who has a keen eye for detail.


Dirt Buggy Racing
A brilliant stag do activity that will certainly get your blood pumping, dirt buggies are awesome to race and when your on a stag do a bit of competition is a great shout. For an extra couple of quid you can always upgrade your dirt buggies to souped up Rage Buggies!

Why Dirt Buggies: What's not to like; speed, mud and a decent competition, an stag activity that has excitement written all over it.

Quad Biking
One of the most popular stag activities DesignaVenture sells. These high powered quad bikes are incredible to drive and most if not all, are automatic so you don't need any experience. Either quad bike trekking or racing will depend on which site you go for, Bournemouth and North Wales have immense off road mammoth treks and Newquay and Bristol have incredible race tracks.

Why Quad Biking: Quad biking is DesignaVenture's most popular activities, they're easy to drive and a proper boys toy.

Please note prices on some of the activities are location dependant as some locations are cheaper than others.

Whatever you do, good luck!



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