Funny Stag Do Ideas

If you can't have a laugh on a stag weekend, you must be dead inside. So to resuscitate the living dead, here are Ten Brilliantly Funny Stag Do Ideas even your Uncle Geoff would find funny.*

*If you do have an Uncle Geoff, I am not talking about that Geoff.

1. Handcuff The Stag To A Little Person

This is straight from the naughties when a picture was floating about the internet of a stag handcuffed to a dwarf who was painted blue, since then quite a few stag parties have recreated this prank making it a hilarious stag do idea. DesignaVenture offer this stag do prank all over Europe.

2. Visa, What Visa?

OK, you'll need a geek in the group who can work Photoshop, a gullible stag and a stag weekend abroad (now we are coming out of the EU, this prank will be easier to do). Get the geek in the group to create visas for everyone in the group except the stag. On the plane on the way out the best man asks everyone to check they've got their visas, everyone in the group then gets their visas out except the poor stag who obviously doesn't have one. The idea is to see how long you can keep this prank up for.

3. Air Horn Wake Up Call

You and the whole group will need to be up with the lark for this one and you'll all need to be as quiet as mice when slipping into the Stag's hotel room without him waking up. So phone cameras at the ready, stick the air horn in front of his face and press - the footage will be priceless.

4. Incredible Wake Up Call

From as little as £17 per person, why not treat the stag to a wake up stripper, so when he answers the door he's greeted by a beautiful maid who's come to show him more than just her feather duster.

"Is that room service? Morning missile for the stag please!"

5. What did he do last night!

Right, you need to get the stag good and drunk and get him to bed. You then need to bring in your pre brought Plaster of Paris and cover the stag's left* arm, making sure you have put bandages on before applying the plaster of paris otherwise he'll be walking down the aisle with it still on and you won't be invited to the wedding.

The trick is to keep it going as long as possible asking the stag if he remembers breaking his arm last night!

*If he's right handed plaster paris is left arm as you won't be wanting to help him to the toilet, make sure you have a nurse in the group.

6. Oh You Didn't Did You?

This again involves the stag going to bed very drunk so you can stick a mars bar in his pants for him to wake up in the morning thinking he's papped himself!

7. It's A Wrap

No stag weekend should be without a visit from Mr Cling film, so wrap the stag's car in cling on the morning of departure and leave him to find that edge, it can sometimes take weeks!

 8. Meet & Greet

Choose a busy boozer / venue and have the stag stand at the entrance and welcome everyone that walks through the door with guster, maybe a handshake or even a cuddle. He'd be like a raver from the 90s who's lost their way!

9. The Gaffer

Gaffer tape these days is extremely strong, especially that Gorilla stuff, so gaffer tape the stag somewhere high and take a lot of pictures, he will love you for it one day, oh the memories...

10. SHARK!

This is a brilliant game to get everyone involved while drinking throughout the day. Nominate someone to be the shark spotter, then when he shouts "SHARK!" everyone must get off the floor, the last person to get off the floor has to down his pint and then becomes the new shark spotter.

We offer stag do pranks on our website, which I must say are pretty awesome, we also have posts on this blog for stag do games and stag do challenges.

Whatever you get up to, good luck!



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