Stag Do Ideas For Over 50s

The archetypal stag do; weekends fuelled with booze, madness and partying, however not every stag weekend is built the same.

We're not portraying that the over 50s stag groups will turn their noses up to the above frivolities, on the contrary, you may find that this will be 'just the ticket' (why the hell do I sound like Jacob Rees-Mogg!). What we are saying is that popular demand points towards the more sophisticated mature stag do with fantastic activities and ideas on brilliant destinations perfect for the older stag group.


First and foremost a stag destination must be chosen, in my mind anywhere that isn't full of kids, so that's Newquay or Magaluf off the list.

UK city destinations such as Bristol, Reading Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle or Reading, mainly anywhere that isn't Newquay!

These cities will have great restaurants, excellent bar options and if the stag do goes that way, lap dancing clubs and nightclubs.

Cities abroad include fantastic destinations such as Prague, Budapest, Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg and Krakow (to name just a few). These stag do destinations abroad include brilliant unique stag do ideas, activities and nightlife which are so good, you'll need a fortnight to get over it.


This isn't a lifestyle change, stag do ideas for the over 50s must always include competitive dangerous activities, activities which will get the ticker pumping, the blood rushing and to prove to all the young whipper snappers that they may have age on their side but can they bark with the real dogs?

At DesignaVenture we find the older stag parties like to book activities such as Rage Buggy racing, Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Indoor Go-Karting, Axe Throwing, .22 Assault Rifle Shooting etc.

Other fantastic activities that the older gent likes to book include Footgolf, Whiskey Tasting, Brewery and Distillery Tours or our ever popular stag do horse racing weekends, which include 4* hotels, transport and race day tickets and packages.


A good restaurant is always a great idea, so make sure you have that chosen restaurant pre-booked - don't turn up on a Saturday night expecting to get your group of 12 in somewhere decent, otherwise it'll be the local Doner Kebab House for you my friends, which might be just right!

If the stag likes a flutter; a night at the dogs (Greyhound Racing) is always a good shout or a trip to the local casino, alternatively, booth hire at a good nightclub so you've got somewhere to Lord It, or for entertainment value a trip to a Comedy Club is always a winner.


We feel Reading is the number one UK stag destination for the the mature stag party, with fantastic activity ideas including Ascot or Newbury Races, Rage Buggies, Quad Biking, Hovercrafts etc. and then at night you have comedy club and bars and clubs where you won't feel like Daddy has come to check up on the young ones!

Abroad I think you cannot go wrong with your stag weekend in Prague, excellent nightlife and activity ideas along with an incredible liberal city where you can relax and let your hair down, that's if you have any.

Whatever you get up to, good luck.



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