Advice On Booking Your Stag Weekend Abroad

Aeroplane in the evening about to land

Prepare yourselves lads, it's going to be a bumpy landing unless you follow some of this brilliant advice on booking your stag do abroad from DesignaVenture.

Unless you're going by car or train you're going to need to book some flight seats. Although this may seem quite easy you'll need to follow some simple and effective rules:

  • When searching for flights make sure you search with your group number and not for 1 seat as the price will be different*
  • Use a flight comparison website to give you more scope on routes and prices - I usually use
  • If you are booking non-refundable seats do not pay for anyone you do not trust or know as you could find yourself out of pocket
  • Make sure each member of the group sends you over the correct spelling of their first and surnames, then if the name is spelt wrong and there's an admin fee to change it, it's not your fee to pay

*The busier the flight becomes the more expensive the seats are; 1st seat in economy sold is the cheapest and then every 5 - 10 seats the price increases.


A funny aeroplane

LOW COST AIRLINES i.e. Easyjet, Ryanair and Jet2...

  • Seats can be cheap especially if you book well in advance
  • Lots of routes

  • Pay up front for your tickets
  • No refund if you cancel
  • Extra charges can be tiresome i.e. luggage, booking specific seats, airport check-in etc.

SCHEDULED AIRLINES i.e. BA, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa...

  • Good flight times
  • Lots of routes into the closest airport to your chosen city
  • Group bookings are more flexible with a smaller deposit and no charge if people cancel within a certain time frame
  • Some of these airlines still include food and drink on some routes

  • Usually more expensive than Low Cost Airlines
  • Getting on the bandwagon of charging for extras such as; luggage, food and booking specific seats


Airport shuttle bus and a stag do in Prague

In my mind in order to alleviate any stress at the airport especially when you're landing into an unknown city, pre book your airport transfers.

Most of our stag do packages abroad include airport transfer where you're met by a lovely female rep who'll escort you to your hotel and check you in, helping out with translation issues.

Why not truly lord it and book a Limo or party shuttle bus, some come with strippers, but you'll have to pay extra for that!


With a possible language barrier in your stag do destination there is nothing like simplicity, so grab a hotel card when checking in and keep it on you all weekend. So if you need directions or a taxi back to your hotel, produce the card and you're home and dry without having to get Google Translate out!


Bar Tour Guides

On arrival at your stag destination, the first discussion for most stag groups is "right let's get a beer in, where's the best place to go?" to a sea of blank faces!

Turn those blank faces into a smiling emojis and book a guided bar tour for your first night. That way you'll get a lovely and friendly female guide will give you the knowledge for the best bars and clubs to visit, from then onwards you'll know where you're going for all the other days and nights. Designa-Sense!

Check out our destination guides for Prague, Amsterdam and Budapest.


You've travelled abroad and you've booked paintball for everyone, now come on! Have some imagination. There are loads of unique stag do ideas abroad and paintball isn't one of them!

From smashing cars up to shooting AK47s or riding the beer bike, all these activities can't be done in the UK so if you intend to book an activity for your weekend abroad make sure it's totally unique and memorable.

Shooting AK47s


Keep it safe and book through a reputable stag company like DesignaVenture.

DesignaVenture are ATOL bonded so your money is protected, you'll also get a 24 hour assistance telephone number in your chosen stag do destination plus in most destinations a rep will be on hand should you need one.

DJ, Shots, stag do activity rage buggy racing

Whatever you get up to, have a good one..



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