5 Of The Best US Bachelor Party Destinations

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Just like in the UK the Americans take their Bachelor Parties (stag dos) very seriously. Their pre wedding celebrations include partying, drinking and having fun with friends new and old.

From speaking to customers and American colleagues in Vegas, here are our Top 5 US Bachelor Party Destinations. This is where the Americans choose to party:

Austin, Texas

Austin in Texas is famous throughout America for it's Breweries, BBQs, music and restaurants making it easily into the 5 best US bachelor party destinations.

Head down town to many of it's taprooms and Breweries including Hops & Grain, Austin Beerworks and Blue Owl Brewing.

For more of an upmarket scene head to East 6th Street where you'll find many busy bars, venues and some fantastic cocktail bars.

During the day get a tan and bring your own beer whilst tubing down the river. Alternatively, you could go shotgun shooting!

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New Orleans, Louisiana

An infamous party destination, beautiful buildings (French Quarter), incredible nightlife and the music scene is out of this world.

Bourbon Street is where it all happens with plenty of places to eat, drink, gamble and watch gorgeous ladies, well you are on a Bachelor Weekend!

WHY NOT: Throw a parade in your Bachelor's honour, it will cost approximately $1k. This can include a brass band and police escort and you'll parade down Bourbon and Royal Street, what a blast!

More information on how simple it is to hold your very own Bachelor parade can be found here.

New Orleans is one of the only states in the US where you can walk around the streets with open beers, you'll need it as it's very hot!

Come and have your bachelor party in the UK, by the way, we call it a Stag Do.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

One of the most accessible cities for US bachelor parties living on the East Coast. Alternatively you can fly into Philadelphia and it's an hour's drive from the airport, or 3 hours from JFK. 

Atlantic City is famous throughout the USA for having a huge concentration of casinos, all in one area. It's also home to the longest boardwalk in the world (4 miles long and 60 feet wide). The boardwalk was built to stop people traipsing sand into hotel lobbies.

Atlantic city also has a gently sloping beach into the sea and on hot days in August, it's an absolute must.

There are lots of golf courses on the fringes of this city or, if you prefer something a little more exciting, there's surfing, kayaking and windsurfing along the coast.

At night, as well as the casinos, you have lots of restaurants and bars along the boardwalk, strip clubs and night time pool parties making it an EPIC bachelor party destination.

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Miami, Florida

Miami has some of the best nightlife and competes in "the nightlife stakes" with anywhere in the world.

Most people recommend Bachelor Parties stay on or near South Beach. This eliminates the hassle of paying for cabs getting you to and from the beach and nightlife.

Here is an up to date (2019) list of the top clubs in Miami, there are so many options, I went to LIV in Miami and it was incredible however other colleagues and friends have recommended Club Space, but hey horses for courses.

Daytime shouldn't just be all about the snooze, there's beach parties with some of the best international DJ's, you can rent a Yacht with a captain and in 2020 you can go and watch David Beckham's new football team Inter Miami, but I expect it will be all about the snooze as you will be partying well into the wee hours!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas

This isn't in any particular order however from the UK looking in, Las Vegas is the DADDY of all Bachelor party locations and is at the top of any Brit's international stag do destination.

So why is Las Vegas so popular with Bachelor Parties?

Las Vegas is nicknamed Sin City, bachelor parties and sin go hand in hand like; Jello and Peanut Butter, President Trump and controversy and The Queen of England and a good cup of tea!

Amazing bars, strip joints, masses of casinos, 24 hour mayhem, pool parties and not forgetting the weather is pretty awesome all year round, Las Vegas is the perfect Bachelor party destination.

Let's not forget some pretty spectacular daytime activities including racing incredibly powerful dirt buggies, helicopter tours over the city and even dog fighting in real fighter jets!

Whatever you get up to, have a good one!


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