Where is the Cheapest Stag Destination To Get A Pint?

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Here at the DesignaVenture Stag Do Blog we like to go against the grain.

Whilst the press are banging on about 'people drinking less' (a tiny percentage if you dig deep), we feel it's still extremely important to find out where you can get "more pint for your pound" whilst on your stag weekend.

Lots of different factors come into play when picking your stag party destination such as; distance to travel, stag activities on offer, nightlife and package price.

Here's one more factor that must also be taken onboard, the price of BEER!

We started looking at the stats brought out by the Money Guru, and found out some alarming facts.

To get a pint in Dubai you're looking at £9, Oslo isn't too far behind with £7. OK these aren't exactly popular stag destinations however, rounds will be expensive.

So we have have delved deep and looked at popular stag destinations around the world.

Whilst one thing is guaranteed, London will be expensive, where can you get four pints for one London pint?

This infographic gives you the low down:

Price of pints using an infographic

So Prague takes the prize for the cheapest pint, and they do dam good Pilsner in the Czech Republic, plus Prague is an absolute belter of a stag weekend destination.

I recently returned from one of our Rural Inns in North Wales where they sell a pint of Carlsberg or Fosters for just £2.50. So that's 2 pints for one London pint, and you still get 19p change.

Here's the list of beer prices (per pint) for stag destinations around the UK:

(Cheapest to the most expensive)

  • Swansea - £2.97
  • Hereford - £3.00
  • Chester - £3.00
  • Newquay (Truro) - £3.00
  • North Wales - £3.30
  • Cardiff - £3.41
  • Liverpool - £3.45
  • Leeds - £3.53
  • Newcastle - £3.74
  • Nottingham - £3.81
  • Bournemouth - £3.83
  • Southampton - £3.83
  • Reading - £3.93
  • Manchester - £3.93
  • Birmingham - £4.16
  • Brighton - £4.24
  • Edinburgh - £4.35
  • London - £5.19
Please note: If you decide to drink in a trendy pub with bare concrete walls, beer served in jam jars and chalk boards everywhere with deep thoughts etched onto them, expect to pay a little more.

All these stats came out after a pub in 2017 was heavily criticised on Twitter for selling a pint for £13.40!

The Rake in Borough Market blames the high cost of it's distributor Euroboozer who markup the price of IPA. The landlord advised "good beer costs good money".

Whatever you get up to on your stag, have a good one.


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