When Is the Best Time To Have a Stag Do?

Clock with The Wedding at 12

When is the best time to have your stag party?

Night before? 2 weeks before? A month before? - Hang on, let's take a look...

Have Your Stag Party The Night Before The Wedding?

WHAT! Are you crazy? 

Unless you're going to have a very chilled affair, where you barely drink and stag do pranks are totally off the menu then yes, the night before is fine. However if you don't trust your mates or after one drink you need more... then no, the night before the wedding is a big no no.

Our Verdict: A BIG No No

Funny faces showing stag do the night before and wedding day

A Week Before The Wedding?

If you have friends like mine, having your stag do a week before the wedding is definitely not a good idea.

Remember, you'll need to have a clear head running up to the wedding as there'll be lots to organise and do, so give yourself a good chance of being at your best and don't do it.

Our Verdict: Too close

2 Weeks Before The Wedding?

OK now we're starting to get into the realms of acceptability, however money wise you're going to spend a lot on the stag do and you and your friends don't want to be skint for the wedding so...

Our Verdict: Still Too soon

1 Month Before The Wedding?

Now we're talking, a good month before the wedding is a great choice, it'll give you plenty of time to recover plus you'll have a pay day before the wedding.

Our Verdict: Yes OK, it's acceptable

Stag Party Cheers

2 Months Before The Wedding?

I've been online to get some beauty tips, mainly to find out how long it takes for your eyebrows to grow back, it's roughly 65 days for an adult man - so two months is perfect.


1 Year Before The Wedding?

Our Verdict: Grow up.

We asked the staff at DesignaVenture when do people have their stag do and overall consensus is 1 to 2 months before the wedding is the average.

Good luck



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